Delia watched as her father walked off with the red-collared slave. They spoke for a short time, then her father walked out into the bar area. He sat at a table and ordered a drink. Delia watched him, wondering what was up. After the drink appeared, a green-collared slave led a white-collared slave to John. The suck slave, handcuffed behind, knelt in front of John. John stood and lowered his trousers, then sat again. The suck slave then took him into her mouth and started pleasuring him. After a long time, he shook, and the slave withdrew. The leader slave then took the suck slave back into the backstage area. John sat quietly, drinking his drink. He finally rose, fastened his trousers, and left through the front door.

In the meantime, the suck slave had been taken to the washing area. The leader took her to one of the stations and fastened her leash to a heavy chair in front of a sink. Another green-collared slave came and uncuffed the suck slave, who then brushed her teeth and used mouthwash, then washed her face carefully. The attendant helped her brush her hair and checked out her appearance, then detached her from the chair and led her to a row of toilets against a wall. After she used the toilet, the attendant led her to a waiting area separate from the black-collar pens and fastened her to a chair with the leash.

Back out on the bar floor, a black-collared sucker finished with a customer, then withdrew and stood beside her leader, looking at her own feet. The leader spoke with the customer briefly, then led the sucker backstage to the washing area, where a ritual almost the same as with the white-collared slave took place, except that the sucker was re-cuffed and gagged with a large ballgag. As the attendant cleaned the sucker, the leader entered data into a computer, then spoke with the red-collared supervisor, who nodded. After the toilet, the suck slave moved toward the entrance to the holding pens, but was tugged in a different direction by the leader. The sucker seemed alarmed by this, but didn’t resist. The leader attached the sucker’s cuffs to a chain dangling from a wall with a red-colored lock, next to a few other slaves similarly attached with green locks. The sucker looked terrified.

Joan came back to Delia and ungagged her. “You may speak, but no yelling. Do you have any questions so far?”

“Why did the slave who sucked my father get treated differently from that last one? And why is that last one so scared?”

“The first one is an award-winning sucker that isn’t available for snuff. That’s the significance of the white collar. The black-collar slaves can be put into noose-sucks, where if they bring a customer off before they choke to death, they get to live, and if they don’t, they don’t. The noose is really a slowly-tightening band with a motor. The more the customer pays, the faster they can set the speed. That sucker by the wall,” she said, gesturing, “just got her tenth superior rating in a row and is up for promotion, if the owner approves.”


“Yes, to white-collar. When we get a good one, we want to keep her.”

“But why is she so scared?”

“I suspect she thinks she’s in the noose-only group. The others around her are in that group. They’ve been bad suckers, disrespectful, or otherwise obnoxious. When someone asks for a fast noose, we bring one of them out.”

“And they know they are in that group? Why wouldn’t they just bite the customers then?”

“Most of them realize it. They don’t bite because suckers that bite get tortured in front of all the other black-collars.”

“And you can live with yourself participating in killing these women?”

“Yes. Most of the ones that lose the race are judicially-enslaved. They may not deserve death, but there are a lot of them. The world is getting rather callous about females, haven’t you noticed? We have to deal with it.”

About that time, a green-collar walked over to the noose-only group and struggled to detach one from the wall chain. After she succeeded, she returned the key to a desk near the observation area, dragging the uncooperative slave behind her. Joan said, “We don’t like to keep the noosers in with the others, but that locking is a pain.”

“Why don’t you set up some real nooses and hold them in a noose?”

Joan turned and looked at Delia with a smile. “That’s a great idea. Perhaps you were meant to work here as a supervisor.” Joan walked off and told a green-collar something, then returned. “They’ll implement your idea shortly.”

Joan then retrieved a white collar with an X on it and a red lock. She locked the collar on Delia over the collar she already wore, then attached a long chain to the collar with the red lock. “Only supervisors have keys to the red locks,” she explained. “That will keep you here undisturbed.”

Over the next hour she saw thirty more black-collars taken out and cycled through the bar floor. The nooser survived the noose-suck, barely, and was returned to the nooser area just after a crew of slaves had put up rope nooses tied to a pipe on the wall. The survivor was the first placed into a noose. After that, the rest of the slaves assembled there were placed in nooses except for the one slated for promotion. She started looking relieved.

Delia watched the operation of the bar for several hours. The after-work crowd got a lot of sucks, but few noose-sucks. Things quieted down over dinner time, then picked up again. The number of noose sucks increased as the evening drew on. There were only two losers so far. About 8PM a man in a suit walked into the backstage area and went over to Joan. “How are things going?” he asked.

“Quite well. No big snags, pretty steady business. We have a visitor and a potential promotee.”

“I want to meet our visitor.”

Joan led him over to Delia. “Mr. Johnson, this is Delia. Delia, this is Mr. Johnson, the owner of the bar.”

“Glad to make your acquaintance, Delia. I spoke with your father about your situation, and I agreed that spending some time here would educate you. Have you enjoyed your stay?”

“Yes, except for the two fatalities.”

“Part of the business, and part of what you are to see and understand. Your father didn’t think you knew this kind of place existed. You did, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I just never thought…”

“That you would be in one, and not as a customer? You were warned by your parents about enslavement. They must have taught you about it in school. However, you just didn’t think it could happen to you, and here you are.”

“I dodged it!”

“You’re still a slave, even though you belong to someone who safeguards you. Joan, here, was far more cautious.”

“She’s a slave, too.”

“Yes, but a volunteer corporate asset with a rather rigorous asset contract, going to college and getting paid for her work. She didn’t get tricked. My daughters worked here, at my insistence, to learn why they had to be careful. Well, watch and learn, and perhaps enjoy a little of it. Joan can help with that. Ah, yes. Joan, we have a promotee to deal with?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson. This way, please.”

She led him over to the wall where the nooses were. Delia noticed that he put his arm around her with his hand on her hip as they walked, not in an obvious sexual manner, but more in a casual way a man would walk with a girlfriend. When they arrived at the wall, Delia could still make out the conversation.

“Joan, ungag her.”

Joan extracted the ballgag and told the owner, “This is Louise.”

“Louise, you have had many good reports, especially recently. You have no bad behavior record. You have been good for business. You have been recommended for promotion.”

“Promotion?” asked Louise.

“Yes. Would you like to have a white collar?”

Louise almost fell down. “Yes, yes, please!” She was almost frantic.

“Good. Joan will take care of it and explain what you are to do. Good work should be rewarded, and I’m glad to have you on staff.” He smiled, cupped her breasts, then played with her crotch. “We’ll see each other later this evening.” He then walked on to inspect the pens and the cleaning area, and to talk to the women in the white collar area.

Joan unlocked Louise from the wall chain and led her over to the observation area. She then locked her cuff chain to a wall chain near Delia, and unlocked her black collar. She dumped the black collar in a bin, and got a white collar from a cabinet, then locked it on Louise. She entered some data into a computer, then said “That’s it. You are a white collar now. However, please be aware that this is probationary. It will be months before you can consider this to be permanent. Keep up the good work, though, and you won’t have any problems. You can thank me now.” Joan reached over, put her hand on Louise’s shoulder, and pressed gently. Louise sank to her knees and started licking Joan’s shaved pubis. Joan obviously enjoyed it. After a shuddering orgasm, she said, “You can stay here and talk with Delia. Answer her questions.” Joan left and checked on the cleaning area.

Delia asked, “How long have you been here?”

“Almost a year.”

“How did you get enslaved?”

“Pot bust.”

“How many times have you been in noose sucks?”

“A bunch, at least twenty. I’m pretty fast, so I always got out of it. I think the ones I got were speeders.”


“Those are guys that just want a fast suck. They don’t really want to snuff the sucker, they just want a fast suck and lots of enthusiasm. Snuffers want to see death.”

Delia felt sick. “How can you do it? All those cocks to suck. They can’t all be clean. I couldn’t even open my mouth out there.”

“You would. I got brought in here in a batch of twenty. They cuffed us, collared us, chained our collars together, and took us on a tour. Then they took us on a walk along the suck trail. Pens, floor, suck, cleaning, pens. There’s a wall over that way with twenty or more dildos mounted on it. They had us stop there. They brought out a black collar slave and told us, ‘This is a slave that wouldn’t suck. She says she can’t, but can’t and won’t are the same here. She wants out of being a slave, so were are granting her wish. We want you to see how a noose suck proceeds, without the suck.’ They had a thing around her neck, and they pressed a button on it. She started to choke pretty quick, then had more trouble breathing, started turning red, then fell over. She kept gasping for a minute, then stopped. Two other girls hauled her off. Then they told us that would happen to us if we didn’t do as we were told, and that biting would bring even worse. I realized later that they had the noose set on the fastest setting, because a normal noose suck would take several minutes to choke you to death. We spent hours sucking dildos after that. I’ve seen what biters get. Refusers get snuffed; I’d rather get that. After a while, you don’t notice any smells. I hope that I get a better bunch of customers now.”

Delia didn’t ask any more questions. She just stood there, crying. Louise waited, then knee-walked over to Delia and started to lick her.