Joan noticed Louise pleasuring Delia, and waited until Delia shuddered. She then unlocked Louise and led her to the white-collar waiting area, while the black-collars watched their ex-companion moving to what they considered heaven. Some wept; others looked angry. Joan attached Louise to a chair with a leash, then removed her handcuffs. Joan then came back over to Delia. “You didn’t ask many questions.”

Delia replied, “I didn’t have many. It sounds like a hellish existence.”

“It is.”

“I don’t understand the whole business. Don’t most guys want to fuck? Girlfriends that don’t want enslaved suck. I’d think that fucking would be in more demand. But this is a big business based on having slaves do what most women that want men around do for free.”

“All true. There are a lot of guys that like sucking as much as fucking, though, and some prefer sucks. The problem with fucking as a business is that guys don’t like to be distracted while fucking, and it takes more room and more equipment, like rooms and beds. It also takes longer, with undressing. They don’t mind distractions as much with sucking, it doesn’t have all the ritual and preparation of fucking, it doesn’t take the room or equipment, and it is faster. There’s also much less regulation of sucking. The noose stuff came in later. It’s a big draw. Most guys don’t want it, but it gets attention and gets us repeat customers that want to see it again. Men pay for sucks because there is no negotiating, no refusal, no commitment, just quick satisfaction at a reasonable price.”

“So this is a convenience store.”

Joan laughed. “A nice turn of phrase. That’s close to the mark. Mr. Johnson will like that one.”

“Please don’t make him mad at me. I think my father plans on having me here again.”

“He won’t be mad. He collects cartoons and quotes about suck bars. You are right, by the way, about being here more. You’ll be here quite a bit. You’ll experience the slave check room, jobs like cleaner, leader, and waitress, and the big star job of white collar. Are you hungry?”

“Yes, but not for what white collars get.”

“We feed them too. Don’t worry, white collar is a whole lot better than black collar, even ignoring the noose. I’ll lead you around on a tour, then we’ll get you some food.”

“A question. Why are they called noose sucks when you don’t use nooses?”

“The first ones were nooses. Nooses require a place to hang them from and a way of tightening them. The slave has to be standing or tied creatively, leaving her mouth too high up. Some places have the slave in a hole and have another slave pulling on the rope. Some others have a platform for the customer. It isn’t relaxing for the customer and there are a limited number of places to do it in. The portable band system doesn’t require special places and allows the customer to sit where he pleases.”

“Sound business analysis.”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson put a lot of thought into it, along with the rest of the industry. There are trade journals about it, and people doing business cases for MBA schools.”

“Is the collar system the same in other bars?”

“No. Most places have ways of distinguishing suckers from servers, but Mr. Johnson wanted things a little fancier. He runs a bigger operation than most. It might be a fun project, though, writing up a proposed national standard on job descriptions and insignia for suck bar staff. Good business class paper.” Joan laughed and unlocked Delia from the wall.