John made his way from the suck bar and found himself outside the Slave Store. He went in, thinking about the collar he had mentioned to his wife. The sales slave greeted him and asked if she could help him, and led him to the electronic collars at his request.

“This collar has a cell phone, shock system, and bluetooth controls?”

“Yes, it does. You can call the wearer anywhere there is cell service. You can also send control messages to cause shocks or to other devices that have bluetooth interfaces. Some such devices are locks and punishment dildos.”

“How severe are the shocks?”

“They can be controlled by the sender of the message. If the message has the proper authorization code, the prescribed shock is administered. Different authorization codes can have different maximum shocks.”

“What is the maximum shock?”

“With this model, it isn’t fatal, but provides severe pain and probably burns. It may cause some slaves to pass out. Almost all slaves lose control of their bodies, fall down, and shake when a level 16 shock is administered.”

“Is there a way to limit shocks to a smaller level?”

“Yes. Hard limits can be set with a USB connection to a PC. The USB port is inside the collar and cannot be accessed when it is locked on. Most owners don’t want any limits on their authority, however.”

“This isn’t for a slave. My wife enjoys submission games and I’m getting this for her.”

The sales slave kept smiling, but John knew she wasn’t pleased. He thought for a minute and said, “Do you know Julia?”

She smiled more warmly and said, “Yes. She comes in every once in a while for toys, and invited me up for coffee. How do you know her?”

“I’m her owner.”

The sales slave looked a little nervous, but said, “She thinks highly of you. That’s unusual in a slave.”

“I think highly of Julia, both professionally and personally.”

The sales slave hesitated, then said, “She said you were looking for a receptionist.”

“We are. Are you asking for the job?”

“I can’t ask for it. The Slave Store Company owns me. I’d like to have that job, though, because the store is changing marketing strategies. The company is sending out new slaves that they had taught at an institute somewhere around here. They will work nude to attract home slave owners, and know the product line to keep the corporate customers. The old sales slaves will be surplus. When the new ones get here, I’ll have a day to tell them about the store and anything unusual, then they’ll have Slave Movers pick me up, and I don’t know what will happen after that. I’m not an asset slave, so it could be anything.”

John considered, then said, “When will this happen?”

“In two days.”

“Julia wants you as the new receptionist. I trust her completely. However, you don’t seem to approve of me, buying a collar for my wife.”

“Julia likes you. That’s good enough for me. I’ve had to put up with too much bondage to enjoy it, and I don’t understand why women would want it. I think Julia does it to please you, which is understandable, but she also does it with her fellow slave, which I don’t understand. I can’t understand why a free woman would want to wear that collar. If you owned me, you could tie me up, and I wouldn’t resist, but I don’t understand the attraction.”

John said, “It can’t be explained. It has to be experienced.”

“I’ve experienced it. Tied down and fucked hard. Tied up and whipped. Tied just for the hell of it. Chained tightly for Slave Movers. Chained to a bed for sleep.”

“That’s all control and punishment. We don’t do that. In any case, I’m interested in a slave that can deal with my lobby, route calls, direct inquiries, and serve as the greeter for my business. Can you do that?”

“Yes. I did that as a free woman, and I’ve done jobs like it as a slave.”

“I’ll have Julia contact the company and offer to buy you. If it works, I’ll see you.”

John paid for his purchase and left the store. He thought, if I do buy her, I’m going to start her out like most people would start a new slave, naked and chained, and see if I can bring her around. She is interesting.