John walked into the house and set his purchase on an end table. He looked around, and saw Mona come into the room. On a whim, he yelled out, “Present vagina!”

Mona stopped, looked puzzled, then laid on the floor, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her legs apart widely. She looked at him with a mix of apprehension and desire.

“You can get up. I just always wanted to say that. I like your response. You can you that when I give that order from now on.”

“Spoilsport.” She rose and embraced him.

“I brought you a present.” He retrieved the collar, opened it, and showed it to her. “This goes around your neck, like this…” He wrapped it around her neck, closed it, with a snap, and kissed her. “It stays there until I tell it to come off.”

She felt it, and looked at herself in the arty mirror on the living room wall. It was attractive, and she had seen many women wearing similar items. She had thought they were some kind of necklace, but she knew better now.

He took out his cell phone, pressed some buttons, and the collar beeped. She heard his voice from the collar and from him. “I can call you. There is a button on the collar, at the front, that calls me, if you press it long three times. There are other functions. It tells me where you are. I can send you a … punishment.”

“A punishment?”

“A shock. Like this.” He pressed more buttons, and she received a short, unpleasant but not painful shock. “That is level 1. There are 16 levels, but the collar has been blocked from anything over level 6.”

“Is that why you got it? To punish me?”

“No, but it is one of the functions available. It can also control other devices that I may purchase. Mainly I like to see it on you.”

She smiled. “I have dinner for you. Or would you like me to present vagina?”

He laughed. “Dinner first. I need the strength to keep up with you.” They walked hand in hand to the kitchen.