Delia followed Joan. Joan held the leash and took her past the black-collar pens, into the cleaning area, through the white-collar waiting area, and out into the bar area. Delia felt hands on her but decided not to look. She was glad she hadn’t recognized any of the patrons. Joan showed her the slave check room, which had ten chained slaves, most of them watching TV, with a couple reading. “You’ll spend an evening or two in here, enjoying the monotony. Later on, we’ll put you in charge of the room so you can chain newcomers, unchain them as they are claimed, and chain them differently to use the toilet. We’ve been thinking about offering services for checked slaves, like meals and chastisements.”


“Many owners don’t like to whip their slaves, but feel that the slave needs it. If we offer to do the whipping or other punishment, the owner will go into the bar, have a drink or two and possibly a suck, and will pay us for the chastisement too. A nice return for the cost of maybe one green-collar to do the extra work. One thing that has been requested before, and that we may do, is almost pure profit. Many owners, probably most, don’t like to snuff slaves, but may find a need to do it. We’re thinking about offering it. The owner would bring in the slave, with proof of ownership, and we would cuff them tightly and put on a suck noose. The owner can select fast or slow. He could have it done in private, with or without his presence, or he could allow it to be a floor show. We’d charge less for the service if it was public. We already have the setup to deal with snuffed slaves.”

“That’s horrible.”

“Like I said, the world is awfully callous about females these days, and if we don’t make a buck off of it, someone else will. We are also thinking that doing the punishments in the bar would be an attraction, too.”

After that, Joan took her to the staff lounge for sandwiches. Delia talked to several staff slaves who were on break, and learned a little about the operation of the bar. After dinner, Joan led her to the wall of dildos that Louise had described. “Kneel down here and suck on this one. It’s an average size. Keep up some suction, use some tongue, and move back and forth on it. You’ve sucked, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I haven’t gotten any complaints.”

“Most guys won’t. That doesn’t mean you’re good, and we train our suckers to provide a good experience. We use these with supervision, and a new toy we just got that instructs them on what to do and provides punishments if the sucker doesn’t do it right. We’ll get you on that later. For now, the old-fashioned way. Go ahead, suck.”