“Now that we are alone again, with Delia at the bar, we should look into your pain fetish,” said Julia.

“I suppose, but it scares me.”

“Get undressed and get yourself on the pole. I’ll be in after a while. Have the pole get you warmed up.”

Half an hour later Julia walked into the play room naked. She smiled at Rebecca, who looked well warmed up. Julia got leather cuffs, relieved Rebecca of the remote, and cuffed her hands behind her back, and chained them to the pole’s saddle. She also got a spreader bar and attached it between Rebecca’s ankles to keep her still. Rebecca looked worried.

“What are you going to try?” asked Rebecca.

“This,” replied Julia, pressing a button on the remote. Rebecca got a medium-strength shock in her vagina, centering on the deepest point. Rebecca jerked and twisted. “Did that give you what you want?” asked Julia.

“I felt a little pleasure with the pain, but not what I felt with the lesser whippings.”

Julia pressed more buttons, increasing the shock strength and having it repeat at 15 second intervals. Rebecca jerked and twisted more, but started getting a remote look on her face.

“I take it that’s better?”

Rebecca moaned and replied, “Yes, I can feel it building. I’m not sure that it will take me over the edge, but it is building.”

Julia let the shocks continue for a few minute, then increased the strength and sped them up. Rebecca started humping on the pole, obviously excited. That went on for five minutes, with Rebecca getting more and more energetic. She finally said, “It’s almost enough, but not quite!”

Rebecca pushed the shock strength up higher and made them come even faster. In less than a minute, Rebecca yelled incoherently and shook violently. Julia let the shocks continue until Rebecca sat still, then asked for the shocks to stop. Julia dialed them down to the original strength and timing and let them continue.

“Aren’t you going to stop them?” Rebecca gasped, finally.

“No, I’m going to let you build up again. And perhaps again. There are even more powerful shocks available, including some direct to the clitoris. That will get you jumping.”

Rebecca twisted around after another shock, and said “That first orgasm was worth more shocks, but that clit zap scares me.”

“It should. I tried it. However, given your reaction to these shocks, I think it will send you. Relax and let it build.” Julia bumped the strength and frequency, and Rebecca started up the long, frustrating path again.