The next morning, Julia noticed her voicemail light flashing, and listened to the message. “Hi, Julia, this is John. That slave you mentioned at the slave store may be for sale.” Julia listened as he told her about the sale situation. “Call the company and see about buying her. We discussed costs previously; go by those guidelines. If you do succeed in buying her, tell them not to tell her about her buyer. If delivery is included, have Slave Movers keep her at the local depot. If they give a discount for picking her up, take it and tell them we’ll arrange that later. Tell them to let her keep any personal stuff she’s collected. I’m not absolutely sure about this slave, but I trust you. She may not get into our games, and I don’t want her ruining them. I’ll see you this afternoon. Bye.”

Julia was happy to have a chance to get the Slave Store clerk, but John’s reservations bothered her. She decided to take a walk and visit the clerk.

Julia walked in and met the sales slave. “Hello! Great to see you” said the sales slave.

“It occurs to me that I never asked your name,” said Julia.

“My name is Roberta,” said the sales slave, smiling widely, and somewhat disconcertingly. Julia wasn’t sure that the smile was sincere.

“Well, Roberta, my owner told me that you may be for sale. I’m here to decide whether to try to buy you.”

Roberta looked shocked, then tried to collect herself and said, “Yes, I’m going to be surplus stock soon. I think I can do the job you described earlier. I’d appreciate any help I can get in getting a good owner. I don’t have any idea what they are planning for me.”

“The central slave office for your company has a general agreement with a large slave wholesaler to take their remnants. Some go to specific buyers looking for something, some go to the local slave training institute, and some go to the meat market. From what I’ve heard, the meat market may be preferable to the local training institutes.”

Roberta almost fell to the floor, and looked pale and sweaty. She finally croaked out, “That’s what I’ve been sick about. I’d like to still have a mind. The institutes remove your mind. I know my value to the world is nearly zero, but I’d like to meet up with my family again, and have a chance at any kind of life. I hoped that I could find someone who would buy me for my skills and let me live.”

“You almost have. However, my owner isn’t convinced that you would be a positive addition to our little family. Don’t be confused about it — our little group is a family, even with his wife, who wants to be his slave, and his daughter, who is his slave, albeit consciously unwillingly. Rebecca and I are his wholehearted slaves, willingly and ecstatically. We love it when he owns us. I’m not talking legally — I’m talking domineeringly. We love it when he owns us sexually. We love it when he binds us and fucks us. We love it if he ties us up because it means he owns us body and soul and wants to fuck us completely. We will tie ourselves up to get him to fuck us. We will sleep, work, and live chained, naked, and exposed, to get him excited about us and to fuck us. He won’t make us do it to extremes, but it makes him happy, and that makes us happy. If you aren’t willing to join our strange little family, or at least to accept that we like our strange little family, you won’t work as a member. You don’t have to like the bondage. We won’t force you. But you must not make anyone feel poorly about what we want and need. We’d love to make love with you. We’d love to share our owner with you and rejoice in his spearing you. We’d enjoy tying you up and having you bind us, and having games between us slaves. We’d understand you wanting straight sex without ropes. But if you disapprove of what we want and need, and what our owner wants and needs and wants to provide us, it will be a big problem. If we buy you, is there going to be a problem? And make no mistake about it, it won’t just be him buying you — it will be all of us.”

Roberta stood, stunned, thinking about it. She had never thought that a woman would want to be tied up, but here was a woman she admired who was telling her that being tied up and sexually used was an important and vital part of her life. After several minutes, Roberta answered, “I can handle anything that you accept. I will submit to anything my owner wants, but I might take a while to warm up to it. I’d love to have sex with both you slaves, and I’d love to be fully, completely fucked, but enjoying bondage might take a while. Is that OK?”

Julia gave her a big hug. “Yes, that’s OK. In my previous life, I might have had the same reaction. My owner, though, is not the shit that my husband was, or that Rebecca’s fiancée was. I don’t know how you were enslaved, but this isn’t anything like you’ve experienced, I can tell. The cock may be spread thin, but I’m sure we can all be happy. You do like girls too, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” Roberta blushed, thinking about how shameful it would have been when she was a girl, then thinking that when she was a girl, being enslaved was impossible.

“Good. I’ll give buying you my best shot. Come to our place tonight so that even if I fail, we’ll have one night.”

“I will.”