At closing time, Joan and others released the white-collars and, along with the white-collars, herded the black-collars to their dorm and locked them in their various communal rooms. After that, the white-collars and the others started for their individual rooms. As Louise looked around, thrilled not to be in the black-collar dorm, but wondering where she should go. Just then, Joan found her and said, “Turn around.” Much to Louise’s dismay, Joan handcuffed her, then put a leash on her.

“I thought I got a white-collar room now!” moaned Louise.

“You will, but you get a better room tonight.” Joan led Louise to a room far behind the pens, unlocked it, and led her in. “This is the Fuck Room. Mr. Johnson uses it for sex with his slaves. The bed is good, the carpeting is nice, the bar is stocked, and the cock is hard and fast. You are the slave of the night.” Joan uncuffed Louise and had her lie on the bed. Joan put leather cuffs on Louise and pulled her into an X, and stuffed a pillow under her lower back.

“Why did you cuff and leash me? I would have obeyed.”

“I like cuffing and leashing girls. I enjoyed cuffing and leashing you, and I enjoyed binding you to the bed. I’ll enjoy playing with you until Mr. Johnson comes in.”

“Oh. I like being played with.”

“That’s good. You’ll get quite a bit of it from the more-senior slaves. I’d like to talk to you a bit first, though, about the promotion trap.”


“Yes. Slaves that get a little freedom, and you’ll not be getting much for a while, sometimes go overboard. They start thinking they’re free. They start drinking, or shirking, or refusing to suck or do other jobs, and sometimes they end up black-collars again. Sometimes they become noosers. I think it happens more with slaves that just got over the hump of getting used to slavery, and to girls that didn’t have much freedom before slavery. I think both apply to you.”

“They do. I don’t want to go back.”

“Then don’t drink much, keep working, and show up on time. Suck enthusiastically. Volunteer for training for waitress and green-collar. Make yourself useful.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good. Now, for a little fun.”

About half an hour later, Mr. Johnson came into the room and said, “Hello, Joan. Got her warmed up?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson. Do you want me to stay tonight?”

“I think I’ll be happy with Louise. You should see about Delia. I’m going to suggest to her father that we just keep her here.”

“Yes, sir.” She lowered her voice, “Can you fuck me sometime soon? I’m getting horny.”

“The college boys aren’t satisfying you? Well, we can’t have a horny supervisor. I’d like to get back inside you. Let’s try to get together some morning soon.”

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson.”

“Of course, Joan. I need to keep one of my best supervisors happy.”

Joan went to the white-collar area of the slave dorm and found Delia waiting in a common room. “Hello, Delia. I need to assign you a room and get you situated for the night.”

“Will you unchain me?”

“Not completely.” Joan led Delia to a corridor painted red, then into a room that had the nameplate “Joan.” “This is my room. I think I’ll keep you here tonight. You’re pretty, you look lonely, and I’m horny. Let’s get you started licking.”