The next morning, Joan roused a sleepy Delia and took her to the red-collar bathroom, where Joan showered, then showered Delia. Delia said, “If you unchained me, I could do that myself.”

“I don’t have all the keys to you, and this is fun. After this, we’ll get Louise, go to breakfast, and then you can sit in on Louise’s white-collar orientation.”

Shortly thereafter, Joan and Delia went to the Fuck Room. It was unlocked, and Louise was sleeping on the rumpled bed alone and unchained. Joan woke her up.

“How was it?” asked Joan, noticing the mess on the bed and on Louise.

“Great! Also, exhausting. It’s been over a year for me since …”

“He left you unchained, which usually means that he enjoyed it. It’s a reward. Let’s get you cleaned up and go to breakfast.”

After Louise showered, they went to the slave cafeteria, where most of the rest were finishing up. The tan-collared food service slaves served their breakfast, then went back to dealing with the black-collars.

“I’m surprised that the black-collars aren’t handcuffed,” said Delia.

Joan replied, “It would be too much work for their minders and it would increase the stress on the black-collars. There are a few that are cuffed, some with collar chains too, and one that is cuffed behind. Those are disciplinary actions. We usually make sure that there is at least one that is cuffed for meals to keep it in everyone’s mind that it can happen. There have been a few times, before my time, where enough of them got unruly to be a problem, but we have some green-collars with tear gas that watch out for it now. If the radio collars get cheap enough, we’ll switch over to them and have a way to disable them as a group.”

Louise asked, “Is there going to be a whipping today?”

“Yes, I think there is. Someone tried to sneak out and escape the other day. She’s the one cuffed behind. After her whipping just before noon, she’s going into the noosers. If she’s still around in a couple of days, we’ll put her back in the regular black-collars, but she’ll be wearing cuffs almost all of the time for months. I think, Delia, that you need to see the whipping.”

After breakfast, the three went to a small conference room and Joan started explaining the role of white-collar to Louise. Delia asked, “She’s been here for a year and she doesn’t know what white collars do?”

Louise replied, “I’ve been here, but the two groups don’t mix much. I guessed that the white-collars got better clients from what I saw on the floor, but I don’t have much of an idea of anything else that they do.”

“And that’s what we’ll cover today. There aren’t many responsibilities. White-collars help with herding black-collars. Sometimes white-collars are given a chance to do other jobs to see if they have an aptitude. White-collars are expected to keep themselves clean, attractive, toned, and to improve their sucking. Louise, you are good, but you can get better. We have a new training machine that I’m going to put you on an hour a day. Also, we need to keep track of your weight every day, and have you report to the gym in the basement for workouts.”

“Last night you mentioned that I shouldn’t drink much and to show up on time. I can drink? How could I not show up on time if I get herded back and forth where you want me?”

Joan decided that Louise was smarter than most black-collars, and that the promotion would turn out to be good. Maybe we have a possible red-collar here. “This is a bar. There is alcohol. Anyone with more freedom than a black-collar is going to be around it. We allow it as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Getting drunk on duty is a big offense, and if you do it, you’ll probably go back to black collar. As for the on-time thing, as you go on as a white-collar you will get more and more privileges. You’ll move between the dorms and the bar under less supervision. You’ll be given tasks to do on your own. Some white-collars are allowed out of the bar from time to time. Being on time is important to getting more freedom. Other things that improve your situation are studying the books for green-collar and waitress, using the suck training machine after the initial training period, being polite, keeping yourself presentable, and, if you get the chance, giving Mr. Johnson enjoyable sex. Did he like last night?”

“I think he did. He was all smiles toward the end. It was strange, though. After he played for a while, get got on me and in me, and instead of humping like the boys I knew did, he just kept still, moving a little bit every once in a while. I asked him what was wrong, and he said nothing, that he liked to just feel a female surrounding him, and that I was tight enough to make it feel really good. After a long time he started up, and even then it was slow and took a long time. I came three times, then he did. Afterwards, he let me loose and stayed with me for about an hour, then went home.”

“That’s the way he likes it. He stayed? That’s odd. He may like your style.”

Joan started going through a thin book with the title “White Collar Rules” with Louise. As they were finishing, Mr. Johnson walked into the room, talking on a cell phone. Joan stood up, and motioned Louise and Delia to do the same. Mr. Johnson sat, but Joan remained standing.

“Yes, John, I think we ought to just keep her here. Yes, you can visit. We can get her on the training program. Why? I’m short on brainpower around here. Most of the slaves I get through the agencies aren’t very bright. I’ve been trying to get workers other than suckers by finding smarter ones in the new ones I get, but that’s been hard lately. Maybe I need to change my source, or have them send me a few that they don’t figure as suckers. Anyway, she’s smart and she could help out, and get the education you want her to get. You planned on taking her to a slaver to get her whipped? Nah, we can handle that. No, it doesn’t make her less attractive as a suck slave. Stripes seem to excite some guys.”

Joan raised her hand and looked at Mr. Johnson. He told his caller, “Hold on,” and turned to her.

“If you are discussing Delia, we are ready to have her, but we’ll need the key to the restraints that she’s wearing.”

The bar owner nodded, said, “Please, sit down,” and went back to his caller. “We’ll need the key to these fancy strap things that you have on her. OK, have her drop it at the front desk. Yes, we can take care of that too; there are lots of guys that will do it for free. OK. Thanks, John.”

Delia sat with a look of apprehension on her face. She’d heard it arranged for her to get whipped, and she didn’t know what guys would do to her for free, but she could guess.

Mr. Johnson said, “Yes, that was about Delia. Joan, get her started on the suck trainer. She can alternate with Louise, here. Delia, you sat through the orientation for Louise?”


“Good. Saves time. Louise, you take Delia and return to the dorm. I have to talk with Joan.”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” The two rose and left.

“Joan, that girl is a find. I’ve been thinking about getting a new style of desk that I’ve seen in magazines. The user stands, or props himself against a high, angular chair. The desk has a work surface above a frame that holds a slave with her pussy at the user’s crotch. The user inserts himself, and if he’s careful, can have pleasure for a long time. Louise has great control and tightness. I’ll have to find others, though, because I don’t want her in there all the time.”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson. I’ll look through your notes on others that you’ve tried. You haven’t tried many of the black collars, though. Should I have them checked out, at least for an initial screen?”

“Yes, that would be great. And before you ask, no, I’m not planning on putting you in it all the time. However, you would be a great start.”

“If it means getting some, I’ll volunteer.”

“That reminds me. Let’s go to the Fuck Room.”

“Shall I get someone to bind me?”

“No. This can be straight sex.”

Joan smiled, and felt the tinglings begin.