Joan reclined as Mr. Johnson disrobed and climbed on the bed. Instead of climbing atop her, he put his arms around her and drew her to him in a spoon position. “Joan, you are the best supervisor I have. In fact, you are the best slave I’ve ever had. Your value to the business is extreme. I know we have a contract for you to be free in a year, and I will abide by its terms. However, I am willing to give you a large bonus to stay on after the end of the contract. Your management skills, your leadership of the staff, and your ability to motivate the black-collars is outstanding. On top of that, and most important to me, you are captivating. I dream of being in you. Many of my customers that are also friends of mine tell me that that you are why they come here so often — just to see you. Several have offered me a lot of money to buy you. I can’t sell you, by contract, but I could have offered you the option, and in a couple of cases the option would have been to your advantage. I can’t see losing you to a buyer or to freedom. I’ve been avoiding sex with you to try to keep the relationship a business relationship, but I can’t keep that up. I may make your living quarters my house so that I can have access to you immediately.”

Joan’s mind reeled. She didn’t have any idea that he thought that much of her. His feelings were based on sex and business, as he stated them, not affection or love, but still…

She had been thinking about asking about staying on. She had planned to move to the university after the end of the contract. At the university, she would need more study time, but she also needed more money. On top of that, her father was sinking lower in his alcoholic decline, and he had almost certainly had the idea of selling Joan to make some money. She would still be a year short of 21 at the end of the contract, and she needed to cover herself. Mr. Johnson had offered her a safe haven and more money. If she negotiated well, she might improve her situation greatly. On top of that, Mr. Johnson was a good owner and a good boss, and she actually had some affection for him. She decided to go slow on the extension, and not let him know how much it suited her needs.

“Mr. Johnson, I think extending the contract is possible. It will need changes to deal with the university and a few other things. Let’s revisit that closer to the end of the school year. About moving to your house, what would your wife think of that? In the meantime, you have to stop avoiding sex with me.”

The bar owner held her tighter and moved one hand to caress breasts and labia. “My wife has been dead for years. I’m surprised my daughters didn’t mention it.” Joan was surprised too, but surrendered to the pleasure of the touch. Her owner continued, “While we are in private, please call me George. It isn’t right to be called Mr. Johnson like this.”

After a few more minutes of pleasant stroking, he pulled back and let her lie on her back, then climbed on her. She wrapped her arms around him as he slipped inside, then hooked his legs with her heels to give him leverage for pushing. Instead of his usual resting inside, he started up with a slow hammering immediately. Joan was already aroused, so her first orgasm came soon, followed by a much stronger second. The second seemed to stimulate George, who soon came. The rush of semen reminded Joan that he hadn’t used a condom. George realized it at the same time. “Joan, go to the dispensary and get that cleaned up. I won’t say it wasn’t extremely pleasant, but I just violated our contract. I’ll arrange the penalty payment and report the violation to the contract monitor.” He pulled off, and Joan wished he hadn’t.

“You don’t have to report it.” Her attorney was the contract monitor. It was a safety feature she had put in the contract. A slave didn’t have much leverage to enforce details of contracts, but an attorney named in the contract did.

“Nonsense. I value loyalty and integrity, and I mean to keep my integrity. In any case, a few violations are almost inevitable, and not reporting any looks suspicious.”

Joan rose and left the room, thinking that it was amusing that she had no rights, but the contract protecting an asset had rights in the matter.