“Hi Joan, what can I do you for?” The dispensary attendant, Janelle, was an older blonde slave that knew much more about medicine than Joan could account for. Joan didn’t know what she was before slavery, but it didn’t seem that she was a nurse. Joan had decided not to ask other asset slaves how they ended up here, a policy that had served her well. Most shared their story, but the few that wanted privacy were adamant about it.

“I just had unprotected sex. I need to be cleaned out.”

“Naughty girl. Lie down up here.” Janelle swabbed her vagina and put the swab in a specimen bag, then used a spray can to fill her vagina with foam. “That will kill sperm and most nasty bugs. Are you on the pill?”

“Norplant. I don’t think I’ll get pregnant.”

“Well, let’s get the morning-after pill anyway. After ten minutes, we’ll flush you out and re-apply, then put a special bandage over your vagina to keep the foam in. I’ll get the specimen tested for disease — standard protocol, for assets anyway. Who was the sperm donor?”

“Mr. Johnson.”

“Ah. Too eager, I suppose. Can’t blame him. While you’re here, why don’t I clean off that stubble?”

Joan felt her juices start again. “I’d love it, but I don’t have time for the full treatment. There’s a whipping I have to watch.”

“I can’t do the full treatment either. I have to do the whipping.” Janelle applied shaving cream, took a razor, and started shaving Joan, while stroking her clitoris.

Joan relaxed and enjoyed the break.