Rebecca went to her office and checked her personal account. Her jaw dropped. He’d given her five thousand dollars. She figured he could have bought several slaves for that much, but not, as she went on to think, slaves that could do what she had done here. She could go on a vacation! She could buy her parents something! She could do both!

Rebecca wondered if she should mention this to Julia. Julia was her friend and companion, and she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. However, she’d probably find out anyway. Rebecca decided to leave it alone for a while. She was still a little rattled at the size of the bonus. A bonus for a slave! Unheard of!

She wondered then whether her appearance and her enthusiastic participation in sex had as much to do with the bonus and vacation as her achievement, but she decided that John was a businessman first. Furthermore, he’d never lied to her or to Julia about anything, as far as they could tell. It was a little like what she thought being employed was like, although she wasn’t getting money like a free woman, even with taxes not being taken, and free room and board.

She decided that reflecting on the unfairness of it all was a waste. She went up to the apartment and found Julia waiting.

“Rebecca, did John talk to you?”

“Yes. He gave me the week off and told me to have a vacation. And… He have me a bonus.”

“Good. He took my advice. I hope it was all five thousand.”

“Yes, it was. That was your suggestion?”

“Yes, dear. This is a big event in your life. You are important to me and to John, and we want you to enjoy the occasion. Take a trip.”

“Maybe I should try to buy myself back.”

“I wondered if you would consider that. Think about it. Do you have a lot in your account?”

“Not a lot, but more than a lot of new college grads, and I have no debts.”

“True, but you also don’t have much employment history, and it could be tough getting a job. Besides, you made a deal with John, a clear contract with a specific length of time. You are valuable to him, and he wants to keep you around. Even if he were willing to take your payment, you are worth more than your bonus amount.”

Rebecca sighed, knowing that what Julia said was true. She was valuable. Not as a valued employee, but as a physical asset. Julia saw the look and knew what it meant. “Yes, dear, you’re still a slave. You’re not just an object around here, though. Objects don’t get vacations and bonuses. I suspect that after you return, the situation won’t be quite the same as it was.”

“You know something. Tell me!”

“No, I don’t know anything, but I made some suggestions and I heard some musings, none of which I am going to reveal to you. You need to relax and enjoy your graduation and your parent’s visit. Nothing bad is coming your way.”

“I may bring them here. Let’s keep the play room door locked.”


“After we get done.”

Julia laughed. “Sorry, but I have things I have to do, including getting us a new playmate. Delia will be at the bar, probably for the summer, but we have Roberta coming. I’m going to get the storage room cleared out and have all of the stuff in there put in the old warehouse area. Delia won’t be needing it for a while. After the expansion of the apartment into that warehouse space, we can all have our own rooms. Until then, I think we’ll put Roberta in the old small storage room and the two of us will stay in the bedroom, if you don’t mind.”

“Julia, I don’t mind staying in the same room with you even after the expansion.”

“That’s sweet, but I think we’ll get a room for everyone, even if we end up in the same bed every night.”