Louise led Delia down to the training area. She stopped by a machine that featured a phallus at about the same height off the floor as a man’s penis when he was sitting. It also had a panel with indicators. Louise fastened Delia’s leash to a tie-down point (she had noticed that Joan always fastened Delia) and examined the machine. She’d only seen it used once and was trying to remember how to use it. A green-collar nearby noticed her and came over to help. “Joan told me you’d be here for this. I’ll help you in, and when the program is over, you can put her on it. Here, lube this up and slip it inside you.” The green-collar handed Louise a metal dildo with a wire running between the dildo and the suck trainer. “That could be radio-controlled, but we kept losing them.” After Louise had finished that job, the green collar picked up a set of bulky handcuffs attached to a wire. “I’ll cuff you with these. When the program ends, they’ll open. If she stays cuffed like she is, you don’t need to use them on her. Now, kneel and put your mouth on the suck dildo.” Louise complied. The green-collar attached Louise’s collar to a lead from the machine. “Now, pay attention to the display. This one tells you where your lips should be on the dildo. This one tells you the amount of suction you have to apply. You can apply more than that without getting zapped. The program I’m setting up for you is a no-teeth program, so don’t let your teeth touch the dildo. The zaps can get pretty serious, so try to keep up. I’ll start it now.” The green-collar didn’t wait for an acknowledgement that Louise was ready, and pressed a green button on the machine. The display immediately started showing her what to do, and after a few zaps she understood how the display related to where she was, and the zaps became less frequent. The sucking session went on for a long time. When Louise got distracted or bored, she would lose focus and get zapped. It was getting harder to keep up. Finally, the machine dragged her down onto the dildo by the strap at her collar and held her there for a while. Louise figured it was a deep-throat stretching exercise. Then, suddenly, the cuffs unlocked and dropped off and the tension on her collar was released. Louise detached the collar lead, then removed the shock dildo.

As Louise used cleaning supplies kept near the machine to clean the two dildos, the green-collar came back and read the results display. “Very good. That’s a lot better than most first-timers. Did you notice that what it made you do was similar to what you did when you got good ratings on the floor?”

“Yes, it was a lot like it, with different timings. I suppose there are more advanced programs too.”

“Yup. Lots more advanced. There are teeth programs, deep-throat programs, swallow-muscle-during-deep-throat programs, all kinds of stuff. If you master this machine, and figure out what a client wants, your ratings will skyrocket. Did you know that white-collars sometimes get tipped? And that you get to keep at least some of it?”

“No, I didn’t know that. Where would I spend money?”

“As you get some seniority and the bosses come to trust you more, you can order stuff. Sometimes they’ll let white-collars leave the bar occasionally. White collars that go out usually go out nude, or with a chastity belt. Some get a little more freedom. If you advance in collar-rank, you’ll get even more opportunities to get out and about. That’s a good reason to use this machine and get good at sucking, to keep your nose clean, and to study.”

“I’ll do that. Should I put her in the machine now?”

“Yes. I’ll watch and check your work.”

Louise carefully bound Delia into the suck trainer, repeating the instructions that she had received. Delia hadn’t spoken since they left the whipping spot, and she seemed sullen or depressed. When Louise pressed the start button, Delia started getting shocks right away, and kept on getting them. She was having a hard time translating the display into actions. The green-collar said, “You got her on it correctly and gave her the right instructions. She’s just not too good at sucking. I’ll switch the program to an easier one, for inexperienced suckers. She will have to get past that level, then the one you just did, then several more to get the minimum passing score. I suspect you’ll just fly by that level.”

“You say ‘level.’ This is like a video game?”

“Yes, and the computer keeps your individual scores and knows what to make you do next. Oh, I see part of the problem. The machine still thinks it’s you. I’ll reset and put in her collar number, then start it again.” The green-collar pressed a few buttons and restarted the machine. Delia started moving on the machine again, but slower, and got fewer shocks. “I had it delete the record of that short session, so it won’t remember it as you doing badly. She’s doing OK now, but it will speed up soon, and she’d better pay attention. You can take half an hour off, visit the break room, whatever, then come back here to get her.”

“Where’s the break room?”

“That’s right, you really don’t know your way around here too well. I’ll take you there.” She walked off with Louise, and called back to Delia, “Have a good time!”