Joan walked down to the backstage prep area and found the newly-whipped slave in a noose in the noosers area. Joan found a rather large ring gag, went to the new nooser, and removed her ball gag. “Open wide. If I can’t get this in, I’ll just get your front teeth pulled out, without anesthesia.” The slave opened her mouth as wide as she could. Joan pushed the ring in, but couldn’t get it in position. She called over an assistant, told her to get a mouth-stick, and then had the assistant use the stick to pull down on the lower jaw. After the ring was in place, stretching the mouth open in an obviously painful position, Joan buckled the straps behind the head. “That’s your new best buddy. It doesn’t come out until closing time. It goes in at the start of all of your shifts. If we ever decide to let you go back to the pens, it stays with you.” Joan looked at the slave for a while, then got a second set of cuffs and put them on the slave’s elbows.

After Joan walked away, a green-collar approached Joan and said, “You must be really mad at that one.”

“Yes, I am. I’m making a strong example of her. On top of that, she was a good sucker and had some potential for promotion. She’s smart enough. Maybe, just maybe, she can get the idea, but she won’t get promoted for many months now. I wonder if she’ll survive the shift. Take her out for the next regular suck and see how that ring gag goes.”

After issuing the order, Joan went over to the suck trainer to see what was going on. She saw that Delia was on it, and Louise wasn’t there. Joan checked the computer system to see if there was a log entry, and was pleased to see Louise’s high score. It looked like Delia wasn’t doing as well. That wasn’t hard to believe. Louise had been doing it for almost a year. Delia thought she was good, but probably didn’t have a clue how to do it well. Joan smacked Delia on the rear on her way past, and saw that the distraction got Delia another shock. Oh, well, there were a lot more distractions on the floor.