Roberta had been standing there for over an hour, naked, gagged, blindfolded, leashed, and handcuffed. She thought that Slave Movers would probably pick her up. At least that was something; the meat places had their own trucks. She wasn’t aware of the boxes of her stuff sitting nearby.

Julia drove up in the Thompson’s Connectors truck. She dealt with the Slave Store’s sales slave to finish the paper work, then loaded Roberta’s boxes in the truck. She was now at a decision point: take her back to the store as she was, or release her bonds. Julia liked having the nude, bound woman, and the surprise would be fun, but she decided against it. Julia walked up to Roberta and started stroking breasts, then labia. Roberta stood there unmoving, but with obvious sexual excitement. Julia finally removed the blindfold and let Roberta see her. Roberta sagged in relief. Instead of taking out the gag, Julia continued with the sex play. Finally, Julia unbuckled the gag. “Are you glad to see me?”

Roberta said, “Yes! I’ve been scared stiff. Did you buy me?”

“Yes. You are now an asset slave of Thompson Connectors. You also appear to be quite wet.”

“I am. That was fun. Why didn’t you let me know who was doing it?”

“Because that was part of the fun.” Julia unhooked the leash from the dock and started leading Roberta to the truck.

Roberta said, unhappily, “Are you going to leave me cuffed?”

“Are you asking to be released?”

Roberta didn’t know what to say. There were risks in either a yes or a no as a response. She finally said, “Yes, please.”

Julia smiled, stopped, and started unlocking her. “Spoilsport,” she said. “I’ll let you stay naked for now. I like to see you naked.”

Roberta was happier. She said, “Well, if it makes you happy, maybe I should stay cuffed.”

Julia almost had one cuff off, but closed it immediately. “OK. That makes me happy too.”

Roberta groaned to herself. She’d walked into that one. Julia saw that and laughed. “Just kidding.” Julia removed the cuffs. “Get in the truck and we’ll go to the store.”

As they left her old place. Roberta asked, “You said I was an asset?”

“Yes, you are. I’ll give you the discipline code when we get to the store.”

“Do I get to wear clothes?”

“Yes, you do. We discussed having a naked receptionist and decided it wouldn’t help business much. By the way, how good are you at things like computerized inventory systems?”

Roberta replied, “I ran all the store-level systems at that store, and inventory was part of it. If I had a chance to read up on it, I would probably be able to do it.”

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that. That may end up being your job. That and keeping the play room equipment working.”

“How much time will I spend in the equipment?”

“That’s up to you. Rebecca and I use it quite a bit, especially to lure our owner. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. If you want to play with us, you may have to.”

“And how often will my owner put me in it?”

“Probably not at all. Apparently, Rebecca, his wife, and I are about all he can handle. If you get to the point where you want his attention, I suggest getting youself in the pillory and having one of us ask him for you.”

Roberta thought, this is crazy. I don’t get sex. I want sex. But if I want to get sex, I have to tie myself up, which I don’t want to do. I’m used to the total-command slave situation, where what I want doesn’t matter. This is going to take some getting used to. For now, I’ll just wait to be ordered into bondage.