Joan walked into the break room and found Louise talking with Charlene, a green-collar that ran the assignments for suckers in the afternoon and early evening. “Hello, ladies. I have some instructions for both of you.” The two lower-status slaves listened intently to Joan. “Louise, tonight is your first white-collar full shift. I’ll leave you on evenings for now. You are eligible for both cuffed and non-cuffed sucks. I’m giving you an additional responsibility: Delia. Take charge of her when you aren’t on suck duty. Except for the white collar, she has the same status as a black collar that is just starting. For now, let’s keep her cuffed most of the time. Also, keep her on leash and fasten it to tie down points when she isn’t moving about. I’ll authorize you to have a handcuff key; don’t let anyone else know about it. Keep it tucked inside your collar. Having that key means that when you are cuffed, it will always be behind your back. This afternoon, keep trading off with Delia on the trainer until 3:30, then go to the dorms and get a room assignment. You and Delia will be roommates. Her bunk will have a collar chain with an attached lock and the key will be on a retracting chain over by the door, so you can release her but she can’t get loose. She gets locked at lights-out. You don’t get locked. The dorm coordinator will set it all up and issue you the standard things for your room. She has your stuff from the black-collar dorm.”

Louise looked a little apprehensive. She did have a few things tucked away in the black-collar dorm, which the black-collars weren’t supposed to have. Joan saw the look and laughed. “Don’t worry, we know all about the stashes of stuff in there. We say that they shouldn’t have anything, but we know they will, and we only enforce it when there is too much stuff or on individuals causing problems. As soon as you were promoted, a dorm worker found your stuff and removed it, so your ex-companions wouldn’t get hold of it. Yours was a reasonably common set of things, a few pictures and about two dollars. The dorm coordinator will give it to you.”

Louise relaxed and felt happier. She really wanted the pictures. The money was mostly useless, but sometimes was used when bartering for candy and other contraband in the dorm. “Can I have stuff openly now?”

“As long as it isn’t excessive. There’s no problem with pictures and books, or small amounts of money. Larger amounts should be put into your account.”


“Yes, account. I should add that information to the White Collar Rules book. Assets have accounts that they can put money in. We consider it to be motivation. If there are disciplinary actions, access to the account can be restricted. There is also a supervision level we assign. You are starting at a lower level of supervision than most because your record here is clean and you have a good attitude. Delia’s supervision level is at the maximum.”

“You said ‘asset’. Am I an asset slave?”

“No. I told you that the promotion was probationary. Most non-black-collars eventually get converted to asset status, but I can’t predict if or when that will happen for you. You will have an account, though.”

Joan turned to Charlene and said, “Add Louise to the evening shift and flag it as her normal shift. Do the same for Delia. Put an in-training tag on Delia’s collar. Get Louise the handcuff key and mark it on her records. Leave instructions for the closing coordinator to escort Louise and Delia to the Fuck Room. Delia is guest of honor tonight.”

Joan turned back to Louise. “When you are in the Fuck Room, bind Delia the same way you were bound, then play with her to get her ready. When Mr. Johnson arrives, ask him if he wants you to stay. If he doesn’t want you to stay, wait outside the room for him to leave, then take charge of Delia again. There’s a pad and blanket in a cabinet there so that you can rest while you wait. Mr. Johnson will wake you. After you have her re-cuffed, take her back to the dorm, let her use the restroom uncuffed, and then chain her collar to the bed. If she gives you any trouble, call for help. You can play with her at your discretion.”

Joan stood and said, “I have the rest of the day off, and I have to go. Charlene, help Louise get started.” Joan left the room.

Louise asked, “Day off?”

Charlene replied, “Yes. The supervisors all get regular days off. So do lower ranking slaves, like me, but not as many. You may get one as a reward now and then. You may actually get privileges pretty quickly. Joan’s putting you in charge of another slave, which isn’t something they do often for new white-collars.”

“I didn’t know white collars had enough rank to do that.”

“It isn’t rank. You are in charge of Delia because Joan says you are in charge of Delia. Let’s get back to the trainer and check on Delia. She should be close to getting the dildo crammed down her throat, and we like to be around for that in case she gags.”