Delia was getting very tired. She had been on this suck trainer forever; at least it felt like forever. Her vagina was sore from the repeated shocks, and her neck was worn out from pistoning her mouth over the dildo. She had finally gotten her mouth position to match the display, and she had been getting fewer shocks, but they still came too often. Finally, the mouth position indicator went dark, and the machine dragged her down onto the dildo, positioning it deeply in he throat, and left it there. Delia almost panicked, but then found a way to breathe, and just waited. Shortly after that, Louise unhooked her from the machine and let her stand, then hooked her leash to a tie down point. Charlene looked at the display on the trainer. “Not a great score, but as good as complete newbies usually get. Have her repeat this program. I’ll put you on a deep-throat program. Clean up the dildos and get the shocker inserted, and I’ll be back.”

As Louise worked, she asked Delia, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, just sore at both ends.”

“You have to keep up on this thing, and pay attention.”

Charlene came back, locked the special cuffs on Louise, and started the machine. The neck strap dragged Louise all the way down onto the dildo and held her there for a while, then released most of the tension and the mouth position indicator started moving, almost exclusively indicating a deep mouth position. The program had Louise moving much more slowly than the previous program, at least at the beginning. Slowly Louise started to figure out the pattern of the program, and was able to keep up. This program didn’t last as long. When the cuffs fell off and the neck strap loosened, Louise saw that she had gotten a great score. Louise cleaned the equipment and put Delia on it.

Delia moaned. “First I get whipped, then tortured on this thing. Do you have to put me back on it?”

Louise continued preparing the machine. “Yes. They can see if you are on it, and there is a computer record of the training session. I don’t want to be whipped for not doing what I was told to do. The whipping you got was next to nothing. You’ll get worse if you don’t apply yourself.” Louise started the machine and saw that this time Delia was doing better. “After this session and my next one, we’ll take a break for the bathroom and maybe something to drink.”

Hours later, Delia and Louise went to the dorm coordinator. Both were sore, but Delia was much more sore than Louise. Her scores had improved to the point of being acceptable at the introductory level. When they saw the coordinator, she assigned them to a small room with two bunks and two small bookcases. Delia saw the chain and the key, and figured out what they were for. “Why don’t you get a chain, too?”

“They told me that I will get a lower supervision level because of my record here. You don’t have a record with this place. You haven’t been a slave for long, have you?”

“Less than a week. Seems like forever.”

“Don’t expect things to be fair, or for every slave to be treated the same. The masters can be arbitrary, and they will be. It seems that they are going to be strict with you for some reason. You might as well get used to it and fit in to what they expect. We’ll be here for a long time. We can’t even catch a noose to get out. Most of the girls that don’t survive noose sucks don’t want to survive them. All we can do is try to make our masters happy, and that includes the slaves that have authority. Our lives will probably revolve around sucking cocks for years. All we can hope for is to get more privileges, and maybe a better job around here.”

“Do people ever get out?”

“You mean, like freed? No. Some of the assets have contracts that give them limited freedom at times. I wouldn’t doubt that some of the top ones have some kind of buy-out reward in their contracts. We won’t. I don’t even have a contract, because I’m not an asset yet. Are you an asset?”

“No. The bar doesn’t own me. I’m on loan for education in what it means to be a slave.”

“You’ll learn fast here. I told you how I became a slave. How did you?”

“I found out that my boyfriend was about to sell me out. I asked my father to accept my volunteering so I could avoid being sold. My being here is my father’s idea of learning what slavery really is and why I should have been more careful. I’m hoping that he’ll let me out of here.”

“You have a better chance than anyone has of getting out, then. I’d keep your story quiet, and if someone else asks, just say your boyfriend sold you out.”

“You say that no one leaves? Except, of course, the ones that leave by hearse.”

“No hearses here. Bodies go out by meat truck. Some leave by other ways. Every once in a while, they sell a black-collar to a customer that wants one. I heard that some of the others have been sold too, to customers that have fallen in lust with them. I don’t know whether that would be a better life or not.”

“I don’t see many older slaves.”

“There have only been slaves for six years. This place doesn’t buy old ones. Black collars that lose their appeal are sold or moved over to housekeeping and food service. There are a few older slaves that I think they got for special jobs. The funny case is Joan. She’s close to being the top slave, and she’s just out of high school. She’s really smart and good with people, so that may be why. I heard that she goes to college in the mornings and some afternoons, then runs the suck operation at night.”

Delia sagged at hearing that bit of information. She had been thinking that at the end of the summer that her father would let her out of here so she could go back to school. If Joan was here and going to college, it offered another possibility for Delia’s life. She figured that her mother would object, so maybe it wouldn’t happen, but…

Louise said, “There’s the dinner bell. Let’s go eat. Don’t overdo it. If you eat too much, you’ll be uncomfortable all evening while you suck.”

“I’m going to be sucking? Tonight? I just got here!”

“That’s what they told me. They’ll offer you as a cut-rate service. That may get you a lot of business. Whatever you do, keep your teeth off the cocks.” Louise rose from her cot, took Delia’s leash, and led her to the cafeteria. Louise had Delia sit at a table, unlocked Delia’s cuffs without letting anyone else see it, then used the cuffs to attach the end of the leash to Delia’s chair. Louise then got them both some food.

Delia asked, “Why are you always attaching my leash to things?”

“That’s what they told me to do. You won’t be doing much wandering. I think they’re treating you like a black-collar as much as they can. Just behave and it will get better.”