Joan had the whole night off, but she didn’t have anything to do now. Her father had finally shown his intentions, and she didn’t want to be around him any more tonight. She thought, I bet I hear from him when his plans to make some money on me don’t work. She thought about what to do. She didn’t want to go back to the bar. She thought about visiting a different suck bar where a friend of hers was a high-ranking slave. She could drink and get a suck slave to lick her, and maybe stay the night with her friend. It was fun drinking in the other bars, where guys would buy her booze and try to get lucky, or later threaten her with drunk-in-public slavery. She always told them to go ahead and call, but that the slavers got irritated when they made a fruitless run. The bar staff wouldn’t call either. The one time that a guy had called them himself, the slaver was not happy when she showed the slaver her driver’s license showing that she was already a slave. He threatened to charge the guy for the run, at which point the bozo ran off. After that, the slaver smiled at her and said, “You did that just for fun, didn’t you?”

“I told him it was a waste of time. Send him a bill; he called you on his cell phone.”

“Good idea. You have a sound business mind. And a nice tail.”

She thought back on that with a little pleasure. As she thought more, she decided that she wasn’t in the mood for a bar tonight. Just then, she thought of Jim, a guy from one of her business classes. They had hooked up a few times toward the end of the semester, and she wondered if he was free. She pulled out a cell phone and called him.

“Jim? Joan. You doing anything tonight? No? Up for some female company? OK. I’ll be there in a while.” She caught a bus and made her way to his place.

When she arrived, Jim invited her in and served her a drink. She accepted it with a smile.

“What brings you here tonight?”

“Just looking for some companionship. I liked the kind that you showed me the last few times I was here.”

Jim smiled, remembering some remarkable sex. Then he sobered. “You may not want to do that today. That would make three times in 30 days.”

Joan smiled, bemused. “Most guys that would do that wouldn’t mention it before the sex. Would you enslave me if we fucked tonight?”

Jim blushed and said, “No. I’m not a slave farmer.”

“Slave farmer?”

“A guy that makes money selling women that he’s been fucking. I know a guy that does that. He’s pissed because his latest girlfriend figured it out and stopped him before he could do it, and on top of it took the DVD that he needed to enslave his second-string girlfriend.”

“I’m not worried.” Joan smiled, wondering if she should tell him why she wasn’t worried, but decided not to. She wanted to know what he would do. Jim was a good guy, and she thought he might be a good partner or owner, depending on what she did at the end of her contract.

“Are you sure? That’s a big exposure.”

“I’m sure.” She went over and sat on his lap, and snuggled into him. They kissed for an hour or so, loosening clothing and caressing each other. Joan though that this was better than fucking, or at least a really great way to get into it. Jim’s erection stabbed at her backside, but he didn’t push her. She removed more of her clothing, hoping that he would caress her breasts, and he did. That made her wet. She slipped off her slacks and underwear to keep them dry, or at least that’s what she told Jim. He enthusiastically played with her genitalia. She finally rose, took him by the hand, and led him to his bedroom.