The next morning she was up first, and started some coffee. She didn’t put on her clothes; she just found them all and folded them. Jim appeared, lured by the smell of the coffee, and gazed at her body. He had put on a robe. “That’s what I like to wake up to. I slept really great.”

“You should have. You were doing some really athletic things last night.”

“That’s what you do when you get a good playing field.” He went to her and hugged her, then ran his hands lightly over her body. “What a field.”

She giggled. “So you were plowing, is that it?”

Jim laughed. “Good image. You remember what I told you last night about the 30 days? I won’t do it, but it occurs to me that enslaving you just to keep you here would be really good for me. We like a lot of the same things, we fit well together, physically, emotionally, and intellectually, and I really like having you around. I’d like you to think about moving in with me. No pressure, but it would make me happy, and I think I could make you happy.”

Joan was touched. “I think I would like that, but there are complicating factors. For now, I’d just like to come over from time to time. Drink some coffee.” She felt at his robe. “Then you can take that moldy old thing off and give me a send-off before I have to go to work. I see you have your plow hitched up and ready.”

“A slave farmer I’m not, but I like farming with you.”