Delia sat in one of the white-collar waiting area chairs, cuffed and leashed to the chair. She saw that none of the other white-collars were cuffed, and that their leashes were attached to the chairs by snap hooks, making it a mere formality. Hers was padlocked. She had already given up on thinking that her inequality wasn’t fair, because she was beginning to get that she was a slave and that fair didn’t apply to her. As she sat there, wallowing in misery, Charlene came to her and unlocked her leash. “Time for your first suck, dear. Here, take a mouthful of this, swish it around, and spit it out in this sink. That’s good. Come along. Eyes down.” Delia followed Charlene onto the floor of the bar over to a table with two men. The liquid that she had swished was warm and oily, but had almost no taste. She wondered if it was for lubrication, warming, or disease prevention. Delia felt hands on her body as she passed tables, but she ignored them. When they reached their destination, Charlene said, “Sir, this is Delia. She’ll be sucking you. Please expose yourself.” The customer did so. Delia didn’t look at his face. After the man sat again, cock upraised, Delia clumsily knelt between his legs and bent over him. At least this cock was clean and didn’t smell bad. She took it into her mouth and started the sucking that she had practiced on the suck trainer. She had finally memorized the whole sequence. The customer apparently liked it, and placed his hands gently on the back of her head. She brought him to climax in a few minutes, getting the cock deep in her throat as she felt him start. She waited until all of the pulses were done and he had relaxed his grip on her head, the slowly slid her mouth off him, cleaning him as she went. When she was off him completely, she straightened, then rose, while looking at her feet.

Charlene asked, “How did you like that, sir?”

The customer replied as he slid his pants back up. “That was great! That was as good as any suck I’ve ever gotten, and that includes some really good ones here. This is a trainee? You ought to make her a trainer.”

“Thank you for your business and your evaluation.”

The other man at the table said, “While she’s here, I’ll take one too.” Charlene led Delia to the second man, who was dropping his pants. Delia repeated the performance, with the same sequence and the same results. “She really is good. I’ll have to ask for her in the future.”

“Sucker’s is proud to provide a quality experience. Please feel free to ask for her in the future.” Charlene led Delia off the floor to the cleaning area. “Your first sucks, and you got rave reviews. If you can keep that up, your rating will go up and your privileges will increase. Sit here and let Maura take care of you.” Charlene locked her leash to the chair and removed her cuffs.

Delia performed the standard tasks of washing her face and brushing her teeth. She was given strong mouthwash. She brushed her hair and luxuriated in not being cuffed. Maura said, “There. You were OK coming back from the floor, but you are gorgeous now.”

“What is that oily stuff they gave me before I went out?”

“Warm water, olive oil, a mild antibiotic. It warms the mouth, gives you a slickness that most guys like, and protects you a little. Don’t swallow it.”

“Thanks for the warning. That trip out there wasn’t as bad as I had feared.”

“Most aren’t bad. Remember that there will be bad ones. If you perform well with the bad ones, you’ll get extra marks.”


“As soon as she left you here, Charlene recorded that you had done two sucks and that both customers gave you high ratings. Combined with the shift supervisor’s ratings of your attitude, cooperation, and willingness to please the customers, you get a performance rating from the computer. A lot of how you are treated depends on that rating. Keep it high, and you can have a reasonable life here. It is hard to keep up the level of performance after the first two or three thousand cocks, but try.” Maura signaled a green-collar to lead Delia off.

Delia noticed that Maura was leg-cuffed to her cleaning station by a long chain. “Why are you cuffed here?”

“We all are. It’s no big deal to ask for a break, and I’m not cuffed then. It’s just a little dominance and control game to make sure we remember that we are slaves.”

“As if we could forget it.”


Delia was taken to the toilets, still uncuffed, and then led to the waiting area. She was padlocked to her chair, but to her surprise, wasn’t cuffed.

Louise was in the next chair. She noticed that Delia had free hands, and smiled at her. “You must have done well. You graduated to uncuffed waiting really fast. I was surprised that you weren’t gagged while you were waiting here before.”