At 5:15, Willow went up to the apartment with Julia. Willow disrobed and put her clothing in the bag, then put on her tennis shoes. She was waiting for Julia to cuff, gag, and leash her, but Mr. Thompson came in and led her to a small room full of bondage gear and placed her in a pillory. He entered her and she enjoyed a brief but enthusiastic and enjoyable fuck. She noticed that he wore a condom. When he was finished, he dressed and left, leaving Willow in the pillory. He hadn’t said a word to her.

Julia came in and released her, then applied the expected cuffs and leash. “Sorry about the fuck-and-run, but your owner will be downstairs soon. Let’s go. We’ll leave the gag to the last.”

Willow followed Julia down the stairs and onto the loading dock. The dock was empty and deserted. Julia stood with Willow, holding the leash. “It’s a shame he has to treat you this way. It seems like a lot of extra work for him.”

“I think he enjoys it. He wasn’t into bondage as my boyfriend, but now he keeps me tied up. He’ll only touch me when I’m bound. I sleep chained, sometimes spread-eagled all night. He likes to stick things inside me and put on belts to keep them inside. He has this fancy head harness with a ring gag and handles that he calls an ‘oral rape harness’. He puts it on me and I serve him with my mouth. I can’t suck with it. I think most of his pleasure comes from control. That and deep-throating me. I see that your owner has lots of things to put you in.”

“We bought most of that with our entertainment budget. Most of the time, Rebecca and I use it to play with each other. Sometimes it gets him to play with us. Every once in a while he tells, asks actually, one of us to get in a piece of equipment for him, and we jump at the chance.”

“He stuck me in the pillory and used me, and didn’t even talk to me.”

“I think your owner asked him to do something like that. It isn’t his style.”

“It’s OK. It wasn’t painful and I enjoyed it. If it had lasted a bit longer I might have had an orgasm.”

“You didn’t? Here, lets put this ball gag in, in case your owner gets here, and then I’ll help you get some relief.”

Willow looked at Julia with a weary smile, and said, “Thank you.”