Late in the evening, they started sending staff back to quarters earlier than usual. Delia had sucked ten men, all with good ratings. Louise and Delia were released from suck duty, and Louise cuffed Delia before Charlene took them to the Fuck Room. Once inside, Louise bound Delia to the bed, spread-eagle, with a cushion under her. She then applied some lubricant and began playing with Delia.

“More sex? I’m tired of sex.”

Louise laughed. “Didn’t you hear? The president said that sucking isn’t sex. Anyway, this is duty I’m doing, so think of it as duty. If you make this enjoyable for Mr. Johnson, it might improve your situation.”

“Mr. Johnson is coming here to fuck me? Great.”

“Cooperate and make it good for him, and it will be good for you. He’s a good and gentle fucker. He doesn’t want you to have a bad time. He seemed to appreciate sex with me, and I think that’s part of why I’m getting treated so well. Joan said that giving Mr. Johnson good sex was important.”

“Yes, you’re right, but my recent experience with men hasn’t been too good. First my boyfriend almost sells me out, then my own father doesn’t make me a SINO, but keeps me nude and rents me out to a suck bar.”


“Slave In Name Only. I thought he would just sign the papers and let me go on with my life, but he and my mother decided I needed a lesson.”

“You probably do need a lesson. I was stupid and got enslaved, and you didn’t do a lot better. At least you have a chance to get out. I expect to be stuck here for the rest of my life, or until I’m too old to be a useful suck slave. Then I may end up in a less attractive place. I’ll do what I can to keep in Mr. Johnson’s good graces.” Louise then concentrated on getting Delia ready for her master.

When Mr. Johnson arrived, Louise stood, kept her eyes down, and said, “Delia is ready. Do you want me to stay?”

“Yes, Louise, I want you to remain. Delia is the guest of honor tonight, but I value your company too. In here, by the way, you don’t have to do that look-down thing that we require on the suck floor.” Mr. Johnson disrobed, and Louise took his clothes and hung them neatly. “Have a seat, Louise.” He climbed on the bed and stroked Delia’s body, and kissed her.

Delia responded to the touch and kiss more than she had expected. He was being gentle and pleasant, and seemed to want her to enjoy it too. He also knew just where to touch and lick. After a while, he climbed onto her and penetrated her, then just rested there, impaling her. He stayed there for a long time, not moving much, stroking parts of her body and kissing her. She enjoyed it, even though she had never had this kind of sexual experience before. Men seemed to want to thrash around and keep moving, but this was slow and somehow intense. He finally started a slow movement, more applying and releasing pressure with his pelvis than moving in and out of her, but it worked for her, and apparently for him. It took a long time. She came twice. Just after her second, he came. It was a long, slow ejaculation, much like the long, slow fuck.

He rose and went to the bathroom. “Louise, release her. Delia, Louise, use the bathroom if you need to.” He went to the door, made sure it was locked, turned off the light, and got into the middle of the bed. When the women came back out of the bathroom, he told them to get in bed on either side of him. He pulled up the blanket and fell asleep, each hand on a beautiful nude slave.