John had Mona tied in a spread-eagle on the bed. He got off of her for the second time and inserted a vibrator into her. He thought for a moment, then lubed up a second one and inserted it into her anally. She didn’t comment because she was thoroughly gagged with an inflatable gag (one like the spiked punishment gags, but without spikes and without the motor). He turned them on high, then put a belt arrangement on her that kept both of them inside her. He followed up with a rather powerful vibrator that he put under the crotch strap so that it was pressed directly against her clitoris.

John knew that she would like it for a while, but it would begin to grow old soon. He knew that Mona knew that too. She had no idea how long he would leave her like that. Neither did he, right now. He went to the bathroom, then came back to play with nipples. After half an hour her wiggling stopped looking like pleasure and started looking like discomfort. He turned off the big vibrator but left it in place, then deflated and removed her gag.

“Here’s the deal and the choices, Mona. Choose one of these. First choice: I remove the big vibrator, cuff your wrists to the belt, and that’s how you are until morning, and I take off the belt and remove the dildos. Second choice: I turn the big vibrator back on at its low setting and release your arms and legs. You leave it on you. If you can’t stand it any more, you pull it out, but then I cuff your wrists to the belt and you stay that way until noon, or you stick it out and I take the whole thing off in the morning. Third choice: I take everything off and out now, and put you in your armbinder, and you stay in it until I get home from work tomorrow. Take a minute and decide.” John went off to get himself a scotch.

Mona lay there considering. The first sounded the simplest, but the vibrators in her wouldn’t let her sleep well for a while. The second was a trap. She would eventually lose her self-control and yank it out, and that would get her stuck until noon. However, it probably meant sex for her at noon because John would have to come and let her out, unless he sent Julia to do it, which she knew was possible but unlikely. The third choice made for the easiest night, but the longest day, and less chance of a nooner. Twas a puzzlement. She wondered what he was hoping she would choose. She decided that he wanted her in her armbinder as a show of submission to his will and her willingness to be sexually available to him.

He came back. “What is your choice?”

“The third choice.”

John smiled broadly, and she knew she had been correct. He released her arms and legs, then had her stand as he removed the belt. “Do you need to use the toilet?”

“Yes, please, and a drink, if I may, before you bind me again.”

“Your boon is granted. Can you leave the vibrators in for now?”

“Yes, I can.”

“OK, go ahead to the bathroom and I’ll get you a drink.”

When she returned he handed her a tall glass of wine, and took one for himself. They sipped, and he asked her, “How is this new sexual submission going for you? Do you wish you hadn’t volunteered? What do you like and not like?”

She replied, “You want to know what I don’t like so you can do more of it?”

He laughed. “That would be useful information, but that isn’t what I intended. I like the submission and having control. You know that. You know I like stretching your limits. You know I like having sex when I want sex and not having to negotiate. What do you like? Do you think making this arrangement was the right thing for you? For all of the control and submission issues, it is still important for me that you be happy with the arrangement and our marriage, if not with all of the activities that I subject you to.”

“I think this has been good for me, at least so far. You’ve done things in moderation, and you haven’t inflicted pain or suffering. We’ve been having more sex, which was one of my goals in suggesting the arrangement. I like the control games, the collar, even the goofy shocks that you’ve sent. I wasn’t too thrilled with that expanding dildo you put in me the other day and left there. I didn’t realize that it required a key to remove. I walked funny all day.”

“Was it painful?”

“No, it actually felt good, but I felt put out.”

“You jumped my bones immediately after I removed it, though.”

“True. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. I won’t try to prohibit it because I agreed not to state limits. I might even like using it again sometime. You asked what I liked and what I didn’t like, and that was borderline.”

“I’m not asking to find out what not to do again. I may do that tomorrow, I may not. I’m trying to find out what makes you happy.”

“Fucking. Touching. Being controlled intimately. Having you in physical charge.”

“So you did appreciate the expanding dildo. I was controlling you. A chastity belt would be along the same lines.”

“Yes, it would. It would be uncomfortable, but sexually controlling.”

“What else do you like and not like?”

“I like bondage like we just did, like we’ve done for years. I like the new equipment. The symbolism, the fact that you got it to use on me, the attention I get when you put me in it, when you use me in it, when you let me out, the physical sensation of restraint and control. I don’t like being in bondage for long periods of time with you away or not paying attention to me.”

“You just chose an option that puts you in bondage for a whole work day with me not around.”

“Yes. I knew it was the choice that would make you happiest.”

“Ah. Well, finish your wine, and we’ll get you in the armbinder. I won’t make it real tight.”

She gave him a kiss and turned to put her arms in the binder.