That evening, the first that Roberta spent at Thompson Connectors, Julia made dinner and served it with good wine. It was only Julia and Roberta. Roberta asked, “Where’s your sidekick, Rebecca?”

“John gave her a week off. She just completed her master’s degree.”

“I thought she was a slave.”

“She is a slave. John sent her to finish her masters degree.”

“I’d never heard of that before — the school or the week off.”

“Rebecca said that there were a lot of slaves at the college, and those were only the ones that admitted it. Rebecca didn’t tell anyone but her advisor.”

“Is your — our — owner coming up here to use one of us tonight?”

“No, he went home. I had an itch that isn’t going to be scratched tonight.”

Roberta looked at Julia slyly and said, “I thought you liked girls, too.”

“I do, but good hard cock has great appeal.”

Roberta nodded her head. “If that isn’t available, how about me?”

“If you want me to answer that, you have to be naked.”

Roberta immediately stripped. She was slim, brunette, and completely shaved. It was a delight to look at her, and Julia said so.

Julia asked, “Are you more into girls or guys?”

“I haven’t had a guy in four years, since my enslavement. I guess I’ve drifted to girls. Would you like me to stay naked in the apartment?”

“Yes, I would like that. We may not want to do that for the next few days in case Rebecca brings her parents here, but I suspect that would be during the day. Like I told you, I like to have you naked.”

“You also said you liked to have me cuffed.”

“Yes, that’s true. I’d like that even better, but I’m not ordering it.”

“What’s the attraction?”

“I like to be under control. I also like controlling other women. Do you not like bondage because you don’t like control, because of bad experiences, or what?”

“Actually, I like control. I liked my husband tying me up. My recent experiences weren’t as good.”

“Don’t you think that the intent of the tying person would indicate what kind of experience the tying is going to be?”


“Then go to the cabinet over there, top shelf, get out some cuffs, and put them on.”

Roberta rose, went to the cabinet, retrieved the cuffs, and came back to the table. She sat and looked at the cuffs. There was both desire and apprehension on her face. She finally said, “I’ll give them to you. Please put them on me.”

“Of course.” Roberta came to Julia, handed her the cuffs, and turned to present her hands behind her back. Julia put the cuffs on Roberta, and told her to have a seat.

“You wanted to cuff me, and now you want to have me sit?”

“Certainly. You are naked and cuffed, and under my control. I have a little glow starting down in my cunt. I’ll let it grow slowly. Now I’d like to talk. You mentioned your husband, but not negatively. How did you get enslaved?”

Roberta sat silent for a while, then started to speak. “My husband and I were hopeless romantics, deep in love. After the WSA, I volunteered to be his slave as well as his wife. We were very happy with the arrangement. I could even be naked for him in public, and was a few times. Then his business started having problems. He owned it; it wasn’t a corporation. He fell way behind in his finances. Finally, his creditors filed an action to force him into bankruptcy and preserve his assets for distribution. It was strange. They couldn’t take his house or one of his cars, but his business, his boat, and his slave were all seized and sold off. There was no exception for a slave that was also a wife. They sold me to an agency that shipped me out of state immediately, and I haven’t seen my husband since. I tried to find him, but the phone was disconnected and the store I ended up in didn’t have internet access. I think I was depressed, and finally stopped thinking about it.”

Julia said, “My husband just up and sold me. I thought we were happy, and we had plenty of sex. Then, boom. I was gone. I ended up in a warehouse, where I finally arranged to get injured so they would send me to the meat people. John rescued me and brought me here. I now think back on that as one of the best days of my life.”

The two slaves sat and regarded each other. Roberta finally said, “Well, you have me naked and chained, and got my tale of woe. What is your pleasure with me now?”

“I was thinking of putting you in a pillory and fucking you with a double dildo. I think the metal double dildo with the electrical stimulator. What do you think of that?”

“How much electricity?”

“Just a little, to stimulate.”

“That sounds like it might be fun. Will you chain me all night?”

“No, unless you want me to.”

“I don’t think so. I may change my mind.”

Julia rose and led Roberta off by her vagina.