Delia drifted awake in the middle of the night and found herself cuddled up against Mr. Johnson. Her hand was next to his cock, so she moved just a bit and covered his cock with her hand. He stirred, then woke. She said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Don’t be. See how my little friend likes you?” His cock was already hard. “Roll over.”

She lay on her back and he plunged inside, then started a rapid, vigorous fucking, very different from the earlier sex. Louise woke and watched. It didn’t last long. Delia was breathing hard and bucking under him, then cried out. When he was finished, he rolled off, and Louise immediately took him into her mouth for cleaning. She kept him there, and he encouraged her with a gentle hand to the back of her head. He softened a bit, then came erect again.

“Louise, climb aboard.” He motioned to his cock. She rose and straddled him, then lowered herself onto him. She started a slow rocking.

“Is this fast enough?”

“You are doing fine. Please continue.” He put a finger to her clit and massaged it slowly. She sped up a bit and increased the length of her strokes. It lasted for minutes, and then she climaxed. He withdrew his finger and put his hands on her hips, pressing down to stop her motion. “Just sit there for a while. I won’t be able to come again, but I like having my cock buried in a beautiful woman.” They remained that way, silent, until he softened and fell out. “That was a really good session. Thank you both. You’re both tight and hot, and you move divinely. Let’s get some more sleep.”