John woke in the morning refreshed and happy. He made some coffee and got out some doughnuts. He also set out a tall glass of orange juice with a straw. Then he went back to the bedroom and woke Mona by screwing her. He helped her with using the toilet, then led her to breakfast. She sipped her juice, and he fed her pieces of doughnut. She didn’t ask to be let out of the armbinder, which was of the pouch variety, with the arms folded wrist to opposite elbow, and was relatively comfortable. John set the paper on the table, dressed, and left for work. Mona read the paper, turning pages with her mouth. She watched some morning television, pressing buttons on the TV remote with her tongue. A little after 11, John came back into the house. She looked at him, surprised, as he undressed. He told her, “Doggy style,” and pointed at the floor. She dropped to her knees and bent over, forehead to carpet. He took her, quick and hard. When he was done, he said, “On your back.”

She rolled over, wondering at his terse, commanding style, and saw him retrieve a package. He removed a funny-looking dildo from it, one that looked, by Mona’s view, unfortunately like the lock-in dildo he’d used on her before. It had an oval plastic top on it, with a hole. He said, “You are nicely lubricated now, so I’ll just put this in.” He inserted it. She felt it hit bottom and felt the plastic top press against her vulva. John adjusted the thing’s position, then started playing with his cell phone, of all things. Suddenly, she felt the thing in her cunt expand, like the locking dildo had, and the nub pressing on her clitoris buzzed.

John said, “This is an intelligent dildo. It has a vibrator, electro-stimulus, clitoris cover, and a radio link to your collar. I can control it from my phone, and I can query its status. The collar is set to cause shocks if the dildo is removed, which will be difficult, as you found the other day with the other dildo. The clit cover is effectively a chastity belt. It is pressure sensitive and can be set to shock the clit if it is pressed or rubbed. I didn’t turn that on. Would you like me to set the thing to vibrate?”

Mona considered. A low-level vibration would be pleasant, until after she came, then it would possibly be annoying, but she doubted that she would come. “Please.”

John pressed more buttons, and the body of the dildo started a slow buzz. A few more buttons, and the clit cover started an even slower buzz. Mona gasped with pleasure at the surprise.

John smiled. “You like that, don’t you.”

Mona nodded. “I liked the noon visit and comfort to the pitiable chained prisoner, too.”

“You’re not chained. That’s leather. I enjoyed the visit too. Stand up.”

She stood, and was surprised when he started removing the armbinder. “I thought that was until after five.”

“I reconsidered. You would have been hungry. Get dressed, and we’ll go get something for lunch.” He finished removing the armbinder, and started dressing himself.

She asked, “Are you leaving this in me?” and pointed at the dildo.

“Yes. There’s a hole over your urethra.”

Mona sighed and walked away to get dressed. She felt like she was waddling because of the sensations from the dildo. The more she walked, the more accustomed she became, and it finally didn’t bother her any more.