Jim took his time fucking Joan after drinking his coffee. She didn’t seem to be anxious to leave for work. He realized that she’d never told him where she worked, then he realized that during sex with a gorgeous young woman was not the time to reflect on such things. Last night had been athletic. This morning it was slow, with lots of touching and kissing. She seemed to be in ecstasy, and she was clamping down hard on his penis with her vaginal muscles. She finally came, followed shortly by his climax. As he held her afterward, he thought he heard her crying. When he lifted himself to look at her in concern, she said, “It’s all right. I’m a bit emotional. That was …” She cut off, unable to find the right superlative. He kissed her long and hard, still embedded within her. She squeezed him, and his cock responded by becoming more rigid. He grew inside her, but didn’t thrust. When he finished the kiss, he said, “Forgive my second head. I’ll get off and out of you.”

“No!” she said, wrapping him in her arms. “More kissing. More fucking, if you have it in you.”

He gave it his best shot. Although ejaculating again was out of the question, the sheer physical joy of sliding within her was irresistible. They finally separated and took a shower together.

“I can’t stop looking at you. I was serious about you moving in. Think about doing that every morning.” To his horror, Joan started crying. He led her to the couch, both of them still nude, and sat with her in his arms until the sobs slowed. “What is it?” he asked.

“I told you there were complicating factors. I didn’t want to tell you about them yet, but I’m falling for you, and you seem to like me too. I’m not exactly free to do what you want.” She saw the look on his face and said, “No, it’s not another boyfriend. It is complicated. You may want to dump me cold when I explain it. Walk with me to where I work and I’ll explain it.”

They dressed and left. Joan reflected that just gathering her clothes and walking to work nude might have been a good explanation. As they approached the city center, Joan started to explain. “I wanted to go to school. I didn’t have any money, and my father didn’t have enough to send me. On top of that, he’s an alcoholic, and I started to worry that he would sell me for booze money. I needed a job and a way to stay out of slavery. I found a way that you might not appreciate, but it worked for me.” She stopped walking. They were in front of Suckers, a bar that Jim hadn’t been to. It wasn’t a college bar, and it was a bit pricey for him. “This is where I work.”

He looked up, and said, “I thought that all the women that worked in these places were…”

“Slaves. That’s true. One thing that you have to know is that not all the women are general slaves. The ones that run the place, rather than suck all the time, are corporate asset slaves. They have a contract with the company that governs their treatment. Some have far more freedom than others. You might consider me to be, not the head slave, but one of the head slaves. I have a contract that I work for the bar, but go to college in the morning and some afternoons. The bar pays for it. I do administration work. At work, I wear a red collar, a red belt, and red shoes, and nothing else. I’ve been here a year, and have another year on my contract. I’ll get my associate’s degree next spring just before the contract runs out. The contract calls for me to be freed at the end of the contract period. I’m in discussions with the bar owner — my owner — about what happens then. I still need money for the university, and I’ll still have a year until I’m 21 and my father can’t enslave me. I need a way to cover myself. I get days off and a flexible schedule here. I think you can understand why I’m not completely free to move in with you. I can live somewhere else than here, but I’d get to your place about 3AM a lot of nights. We can talk now, or you can walk away and I’ll understand.”

Jim looked at her, and saw a beautiful woman who gave herself to him completely, who happened to be someone else’s slave. He said, “I admit that this is a lot to take in all at once, but I understand. You became a limited slave to avoid abject slavery. Your benefits include school. I heard your business arguments during class discussions, and I know that you approached this problem logically and found this solution’s costs to be acceptable to you personally. I can’t reject you because of this,” he said, sweeping his arm toward the bar.

She wrapped her arms around him tightly and started to cry. He held her and let her cry it out. She finally said, “I thought you would run from me when I told you.”

“I can tell. I’m not that stupid. You are a bright person, fun to be with, gorgeous, and if I talk about the sex I’ll end up fucking you here on the sidewalk. This may be inconvenient, but our places are close to each other. I know couples that go to colleges in different states. That’s hard. I’m willing to try if you are. I can share you with the bar.”

Joan smiled, but said, “You’ll share with more than the bar. By contract, the bar owner has … privileges.”

Jim considered that, and said, “Does he avail himself of them?”

“Up til now, not enough. He’s showing signs of more interest, though. I know he considers me valuable to the business, and I know that he finds me very attractive. Will that make you dump me?”

“No. I can’t fault the man for having good taste and a discerning eye. A contract is a contract. I don’t like sloppy seconds, though.”

“Use of a condom is part of the contract.”

“Then there’s no problem, or at least not much of one. I’ll be a little jealous. I’d like something that special reserved to me, but you aren’t sneaking around to do this. You told me about it. In a year you can renegotiate. Can he order you not to see me?”

“No, he can’t, and he probably wouldn’t anyway. He likes to keep his supervisors happy. You are taking this better than I feared.”

“Give me some credit. I’m pretty smart, too, and I understand why you did it and what the benefits are. You didn’t try to hide it from me. I understand why you didn’t mention it to me before, when we were getting to know each other. I haven’t heard anything about you being a slave, so I take it you didn’t tell anyone at the college.”

“No, I haven’t. I’m not ashamed of it, but I fear that situations could get awkward. Some people think they can order any slave around, even those they don’t own. I expect that it will come out sooner or later, when someone sees me in both places. I might as well wait until then.”

“Good thinking. I’d like to ask you some boyfriend type questions. Can we go somewhere where we can talk?”

“There are restaurants, but I think you want to ask questions that are asked in private. We can go to my room.”

Just then, Mr. Johnson walked up to the front of the bar, leading two nude slaves. He saw Joan talking to a young man, with her face obviously wet with tears. He said, “Joan, are you all right?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson, I’m fine. It’s been an emotional morning. This is Jim, a friend of mine. A special friend. Jim, this is Mr. Johnson, the owner of the bar, my boss, owner, and friend.”

Mr. Johnson smiled. “A rival, I take it. Don’t panic, young man, I’m just teasing her. Is this a recent development, Joan?”

“Yes, very recent. I’d like to talk to you about some things later.”

“Of course. I always have time for my supervisors, especially my chief supervisor.”

Joan stared at him. “Chief supervisor?”

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You have more business acumen than any other employee or slave of mine. You deal with business processes. You do far more valuable business work than the simple accounting functions you started doing. You lead the staff effectively and fairly. The other supervisors may have a bit of a problem; they have all been here longer, but they recognize ability, and most of them don’t have any ambition. I’m hoping that by giving you this recognition that you’ll be more receptive to staying. You don’t have to commit to that now.”

“Thank you. I’d like to take Jim to my room to discuss some things. I just told him a few minutes ago about my status and constraints.”

“I understand the need for discussion. Go ahead. Take the morning off too. I’ll get these two on the trainer.”

Joan looked and saw Delia and Louise, and thought, Great. This will get around the staff at the speed of sound. Mr. Johnson saw the look and told the two nude slaves, “This is private. You don’t tell anyone unless Joan says you can.”

Mr. Johnson continued, to Joan, “These two had a great evening on the floor, and a stellar night with me. I took them out to breakfast as a reward. It’s the first time Louise has been out in almost a year.”

Joan looked again and saw that they had leashes on, but he wasn’t holding them, and neither of them was cuffed. “Should I change the instructions about keeping Delia cuffed most of the time?”

“No. You deal with the staff as you see fit. I didn’t cuff her as part of the reward and so she could eat. When and if you decide that she should be uncuffed most of the time, you issue the instructions.” With that, he unlocked the front door and waved the two nude slaves in, then followed them. Jim stepped forward to enter, but Joan held him back and led him around the corner. Mr. Johnson smiled and locked the door. “OK, you two, slave mode again. Get showered and get on the trainer. I’ll check on you in a while. Louise, you can grab some cuffs for Delia at the front desk. Do you let her loose for showering?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson. It’s faster and more effective.”

“That’s fine by me. Off you go.”

The slaves went on into the bar as Mr. Johnson went to his office. He got on his computer and reviewed some files. He entered a sex rating for Louise and Delia that was very high. He sent an email to Joan about how he felt that they were good for the business, had great potential, and that he found them to be desirable for sex. He considered telling her that he understood her attraction to the younger man and that she didn’t need to fear his reaction, given what he had told her the previous morning, but he decided to keep that for a personal meeting. He wondered if she would be reluctant to fuck him, but he decided that he had the contractual right to fuck her and he wasn’t giving it up. He expected that she wouldn’t expect him to. He worked his way through a pile of reports for an hour, then went off to check on the suck training machine. His new desk was scheduled to be installed just before lunch. He had planned to have Joan in it for its inauguration, but he thought that perhaps he would put Louise in it first, and have his discussion with Joan while he was in Louise. No, too distracting. But what a thing to think about.