Joan led Jim to the door near her room, unlocked it, led him in, and went directly to her door. She unlocked it and they went in, locking the door behind them. She hugged Jim hard, and just stood there holding him for long minutes. She then let go, sat on the bed, and asked him to ask his questions.

“How can I get in touch with you? There’s no phone in here, and I don’t think that calling the bar and asking for you is a good idea.”

“No, it isn’t, but if nothing else works, call the bar business office and have them send me a message. You can e-mail me; I have a computer in here,” she gestured at the desk, “for school work and it’s on the internet. Most of the time, just call my cell phone. It has voice mail.” She wrote the requisite phone numbers and email address on a piece of paper and gave it to him.

“Your father will sell you?”

“I thought it likely. Just yesterday I went to see him, and cooked him dinner. He was fun to be around. Then he started drinking. He finally said that he needed money, and that he knew about a place that promised to put slaves in good situations, in order to encourage people to sell their daughters. I think it’s a scam. Anyway, he finally said something about it. I figure that he’ll try it soon, and that I’ll get an angry voicemail.”

“Do you think that I should meet him?”

“No, not now. Let’s wait until he finds out and it settles down.”

“You haven’t told him?”

“No. He hasn’t figured it out, either. That shows how low he’s sunk.”

“So you came to see me after leaving your father’s place?”

“Yes. I hope I wasn’t too down.”

“You weren’t down at all as far as I could tell. You came to me when you needed emotional support?”


“Good. Now, about your work here. You wear a collar, a belt, and shoes?”

“And nothing else. The belt is for things like keys and spare cuffs to hang from.”

“Are you handcuffed?”

“No, not usually. I still have to do occasional sucks, and most suckers are cuffed during a suck.”

“Do they chain you at night in here?”

“No. I even have a lock on my door for privacy.”

“Do they ever chain you, except for sucks?”

“Mr. Johnson has, in the Fuck Room.”

“The Fuck Room?”

“That’s where he fucks slaves. The two you saw him with just now were his slaves for the night last night. I was in there with him yesterday morning, but not chained.”

He considered that. “Is he a good fuck?”

She laughed. “Worried about the comparison? He’s good. His style is completely different from yours, and I actually like yours better. He does care about the woman’s comfort and enjoyment, even if he chains them.”

“So you don’t get tied up much?”

“I’m usually the one doing the tying, or telling others to do it.”

“Would you object to me tying you up?”

“Not at all, as long as I can get back for work. How a man treats a helpless woman is a strong indicator of the kind of man he is. I enjoy bondage, if it isn’t just done for pain. Had you thought about tying me before you found out?”

“Yes. I had fantasies. I didn’t want to scare you off. It seems to scare some women.”

“I loved our sex last night and this morning. Bondage wouldn’t have improved it, but it wouldn’t have damaged it, either, except that you might actually have gotten off me after your climax.”

“Unlikely. Your vagina had a death grip on my penis. You are tight.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you. How do you feel about being a slave in a suck bar?”

That question came in out of left field, and it took her a while to consider it. “I’m not ashamed. It’s a legal arrangement. In prior times I would have been considered a whore, but things have changed. I like the place. I like having authority over all these women. I didn’t expect that, but he just kept giving me authority and saw that it was working. I found I liked being dominant over women. I’m good at running the place. I might eventually want to move on, but this will be really great experience.”

“I see. You mentioned your father. What about your mother?”

“She died several years ago of cancer.”

“Oh.” He stopped then, obviously thinking about whether to express sympathies, but she said, “That’s OK. I’ve learned to deal with it.”

“Do you ever encounter people who you knew before who come in here?”

“I have. Some of them see me and think I look familiar, but that I can’t be Joan. Others know it’s me, but don’t care much. None of my father’s drinking buddies come here, so he hasn’t heard.”

“I’d like to see you in your work outfit.”

She smiled and rose, then disrobed. “I thought you liked me like this.”

“I do. From what you said, your work outfit isn’t much different.”

“No, it isn’t.” She put on her collar and her belt, then slipped on the red high-heel shoes. She posed for him, and walked back and forth in front of him. She saw his pants bulging. “Already hard again? After this morning?”

“You do have that effect on me.”

“Well, we should take advantage of that.” She kicked off the shoes and retrieved two pairs of handcuffs from a desk drawer. She opened them and put the key on the desk. “You wanted to tie me up? Cuff my wrists to the headboard of the bed. If you want, there’s rope under the bed for my feet. I’d appreciate not being gagged.”

His pants seemed to be ready to split open. He took the cuffs as she reclined on the bed and offered her wrists. He was inexpert with the cuffs, but she coached him through the process. He took off his clothes and knelt on the bed between her legs, drinking in his wet dream. She said, “No rope for the feet?”

“Not this time. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes. I’ll hold the headboard in my hands so the cuffs won’t pull on my wrists too much. I’ll be more comfortable with you inside.”

He obliged her immediately, having a bit of difficulty when he realized that he had to guide himself inside, with her hands not available for the task. He managed that, and the next few minutes were heaven.

He laid atop her and rested afterward. Even her cunt muscles couldn’t keep him hard this time, but she was warm and comfortable to be on. “Are you comfortable now?”

“I’m fine. I like this. Kiss me, you fool.”

“I thought you didn’t want to be gagged.” He kissed her deeply, with lots of tongue, and they kept at it for quite a while. After a while he rose, but didn’t unlock her. He gazed at her, felt her, stroked her, played with her. She thought that this was fine. After a while, a miracle occurred, and he got another erection. He climbed on again, and wasn’t able to climax, but they both enjoyed it.

“What say I unlock you and we go for lunch?”

“Should I dress, or go this way?”

“You could, couldn’t you? No, I want you clothed, at least this time.”

After he unlocked the cuffs, she removed her collar and belt and put on short shorts and a halter top. He gazed at her in appreciation, especially when she put her high-heel red work shoes on.