After a long, delightful lunch, even with the dildo locked inside her, John took Mona home. She went to the bedroom to get naked, as she was supposed to be in the house. As she was finishing, John came in with the armbinder. “Turn around and fold your arms,” he said. When she looked at him in confusion, he said, “This was a furlough, not a commutation.” She smiled and complied, and John fastened the armbinder on her. A long kiss, a few breast tweaks, and he was off to work.

Mona sat and contemplated an afternoon without her arms. She finished the newspaper, watched a little more television, and after some experimentation found that she couldn’t stimulate herself with the clit guard in place on the dildo. It was still slowly thrumming inside her, just enough to keep her aroused, but not enough for any more.

Suddenly, John’s voice came from her collar, which she knew included a cell phone. “Naughty, naughty, my lady, trying to play with yourself.”

“How did you know?”

“I told you that it was sensitive to pressure. I didn’t turn on the auto-shock, but it still reports it to the collar, and I can query the collar. I’ll turn a few things on in the dildo for you.”

Mona tensed, expecting a blast of electricity. Instead, the clit shield started an intense vibration that nearly lifted her off the couch. It went on for fifteen seconds, and stopped. She was breathing heavily. “How was that, Mona?”

“It was lovely. Please turn it on again.”

“It will go on and off at random intervals for the rest of the afternoon. Have a good time.” The connection was gone.

Mona knew that this was going to be a really long afternoon.