Later in the afternoon, a happy-looking Joan entered Mr. Johnson’s office. “Got a while to talk? she asked.

“Yes. Please shut the door and have a seat. How did all of this come about with your young man?”

Joan explained meeting him in class, getting to know him, and last night’s events. “I didn’t expect this. I was just looking for some company and some fun.”

“Life is what happens while you make other plans. I suppose you are worried about this development after what I told you yesterday?”

“Yes. He wants me to move in with him. You want to relocate me to your house. He wants me. You want me. You have the legal, enforceable claim.”

“Yes, I do, and I’m not giving up my access to you. However, I’m not going to get in his way, either. I really do want you to stay on after the end of the current contract, and I don’t need you mad at me.”

“Thank you. I wasn’t going to ask you not to use me. I told you yesterday I wanted you to use me more. I still do, by the way. Jim told me that he would like something as special as sex reserved to him, but he knows it can’t happen and understands why.”

“Smart man. Am I going to have trouble with him?”

“I don’t think so. I’d like you two to get to know each other.”

“Fine by me. How?”

“You’ll think this is crazy, but how about a Joan sandwich?”

Mr. Johnson sat back and thought. “Both of us at once? That would be an awfully big first step. And who would get what hole?”

Joan considered, and said, “We might have to commit to two events, with role switching for you two.”

“I take it this is one of your fantasies.”

“Yes, for a long time.”

“With you bound, on top of it?”

“The first times, no, because it will be complicated enough without that.”

“Intriguing, and sounds like fun, but I think we should ease up to that. Maybe we should just start out having a drink together, out in the bar some afternoon.”

“That’s a really good idea. I was thinking of having him come by during some slow time so he could see the place and watch what happens. I was thinking of getting cuffed and sucking him.”

“Not a bad idea. It gets him used to your other life. I’d be tempted to sit with him and have you do me, too.”

“That might be a good thing to do.” She hesitated, then continued. “Mr. Johnson, is this going to damage my relationship with you? That’s not what I want. You’ve been very good to me, and I appreciate it as only a well-treated slave can appreciate it.”

“Joan, we’re behind closed doors, discussing us. Call me George. No, I don’t think this will damage us. It will make things more complicated. I did want to take you home with me. I may stay over here more, like I did last night. I had those two sleep in the bed with me, and Delia woke me by rubbing my cock in the middle of the night, and that started another escapade. See? I can still tell you about my sexual exploits.”

“Thank you, George. They did look rather satisfied out on the sidewalk. What’s with the unheld leashes and no cuffs?”

“The leashes were a whim, and I didn’t feel like holding on to them when we got on the street. White collars are unlikely to run, especially those two. I had the two best looking women in the place. It’s funny. I thought that continuous exposure to nude women would blunt my appreciation of them, but it hasn’t declined too much.”

Joan grinned and hitched her knees up over the arms of the chair she was in, widely exposing herself. “This doesn’t affect you, huh?”

George laughed. “It does, powerfully. You can stay in that position until I say otherwise.”

She stayed, and went on, “You wanted me to stay at your house. What were your intentions?”

He laughed. “Strictly dishonorable. I wanted you there in the morning for sex. I admit, I am very fond of you. It isn’t what I had with my wife, and I wasn’t going to propose matrimony, but there were elements of that feeling in there. I still want to take you home with me from time to time. Would you object to that?”

“No. I’d be honored.”

“Would Jim object?”

“He understands the contract. I explained it to him. I think that as long as he gets what he needs regularly, it won’t bother him. He did say that any contract extension could be renegotiated.”

“That’s one clause that won’t get changed.”


He was a bit surprised. “I thought you would want to go along with his wishes.”

“Somewhat. I still like sex with you. I’m going to try to get him used to the thought of sharing. I talked with my lawyer and he said there was something he was working on that involved setting up a trust to own a slave as a corporate asset, and that the terms of the trust and the trustee would protect the slave. That way, there can’t be any PPC or husband enslavement or judicial enslavement. I’m sure there are holes in it, but it sounds like the best bet. My tentative plans are to try to extend our contract to my 21st birthday, get that trust set up, and then lease myself to the bar. I might even marry Jim, if he still wants me, even though marriage with a slave is a bit of a sham.”

“Good. I was serious about the cash bonus. I also realize that you will need money for school and more time for the university. Half of your time is worth far more than all the time of most of my other senior slaves.”

“Thank you.” She paused . “Is that the fancy new desk you told me about?”

“Yes, and I was wondering who to put in it first. I had thought to put Louise in it while I was talking to you.”

“Shame on you. I’m chief supervisor, and I deserve the honor. How does it work?”

She walked around behind the desk to look. George lowered the slave support, which was motorized, and pointed out the bench, the attachment points for arms and legs, and the place where a head box could isolate the slave so she couldn’t see or hear. Joan got into the contraption and buckled the torso belts, and looked up at him. “Go ahead.” He fastened her wrists into cuffs on the support, then drew her legs apart. There were two ways to attach legs. One was with knees bent, for the less-limber, and another was with legs wide, straight out. He opted for the latter. He knew it would be painful after an hour or so, but he didn’t plan on keeping her in there too long. After all was attached, he raised the platform until her crotch was about the right height. He dropped his pants, put on a condom, and inserted himself. He made a small adjustment to match positions, then stood still and enjoyed. He read reports, answered calls, and stared into space. He finally realized that it had been 45 minutes, he was still inside her, and she hadn’t complained. He thought about a quick active fuck, but decided to reserve it. He withdrew, lowered the platform, and released her. “What do you think of it?”

“Relaxing. I think that leg position would have gotten bad after a while. How did you like it?

“Not as much fun as active sex, but lasts a lot longer. Are you meeting your young man after closing?”

“Yes, but it’s a long walk.”

“We need to work that out. Have him pick you up tonight.”

“OK. I’d better get out there and get things going.”

“Go ahead. Send in Louise for the next shift in my desk.”