The next days were full of closeness for new lovers, and lots of work for new white-collars. Delia and Louise were on suck duty every night, getting lots of business, a lot of it repeat business from customers that requested them. They were both getting high ratings as suckers, rave reviews from customers, and high marks from their leaders for proper behavior and cooperation. Louise was good at the last from her year of experience. Delia was good because she was good at watching the others and how they did things and because she was terrified of getting another whipping.

Each night around midnight, Mr. Thompson found a customer and sent him to a room near the Fuck Room, the Service Room. It wasn’t as nice as the Fuck Room, and smaller, but it had a good bed and everything was clean and comfortable. Louise and Delia were sent there ahead of the customer to get Delia spread-eagle on the bed, ball-gagged, and in a head bag. When the customer arrived, Louise handed him a condom, then sat in a chair to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. Most customers just stripped, put on the condom, and “Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am”, except without the thank you. Some nights there were three men. Mr. Johnson was selecting long-time customers and giving them this free benefit. It helped his business and it filled a requirement of Delia’s father — get her used to being a fucked slave. It wasn’t as much use as a slave in a fuck business, but it seemed to get the point to Delia. Louise just sat and wished she was getting some.

One night, the third customer that appeared in the room was younger, around Delia’s and Louise’s age. He disrobed, lay on the bed, and stroked Delia softly, investigating her body gently, and giving her pleasure. He put his head near hers and spoke softly. “I recognized you on the floor, and when I heard that some men were using you, I asked to be included. I was a year behind you in school. You turned me down for a date once.”

Delia stiffened. This could be bad. She didn’t recognize the voice. She had turned a number of boys down, gently, she thought, but some of them were rather upset about it. He saw her reaction, laughed a bit, and said, “No, you were nice about it; I won’t hurt you. I really did want to date you. You might have liked it. Some of use who weren’t as popular put more effort into taking girls to nice places and treating them well. I thought about sex with you for a long time, even after I got a steady girlfriend. This is a dream come true for me. I hope you enjoy it.”

He put on the condom and mounted her gently. He was gentle and rhythmic, slowly increasing his pace and his energy, holding her tight. He had his chin on top of her head. She was wishing he could kiss her. She rocked with him, pushing against him for her pleasure. She reached climax faster than she expected. It seemed to please him, because he sped up and applied a little more pressure. She came again just as he did. He withdrew, dressed, leaned down to her, and said, “Thank you for your cooperation. This was more like lovemaking than anonymous fucking. It was special for me, even with the condom.” He kissed her nipples and left.

Louise came over to her and removed the bag and gag. “How are you?”

“I’m OK. That last one was good. It was the only good one of these so far. Assuming he was telling the truth, I wonder who that was. What did he look like?”

Louise described an attractive, slim young man with pale skin and dark hair, like hundreds of others. “Maybe it will come back to me. I did appreciate it.”

“If he comes back, I get him,” said Louise.

“You deserve it, but I’d hate to miss out on him.”

Louise checked with the floor supervisor, who told her to have Delia ready in another 15 minutes for another customer. Louise released Delia to use the toilet and get a drink, then told Delia, “Back to the salt mines.”