Joan arranged for Jim to visit the bar at 2PM one afternoon, a slow time. He came in and sat at a table. Mr. Johnson came out and shook his hand and sat at the table with him. A tall redhead brought out two mugs of the best beer and withdrew.

“What do you think of my establishment?” asked the bar owner.

“It’s a much nicer place than where I hang out. I don’t think I could afford it. I don’t want to leech off Joan either.”

“Commendable. This afternoon is on me. I wanted us to talk and get to know each other a little. We have a common interest.”

“Yes, and it makes me nervous. If I make you mad, she could suffer for it.”

“A caring young man, too. Good. Listen, I’ve met a lot of jerks and assholes. In my opinion, you haven’t exhibited any evidence that you are either, at least any more than almost everyone is. Joan trusts you, and that carries a lot of weight with me. In any case, I care for her too, and I wouldn’t make her suffer even if I were mad.”

“That makes me wonder. You have what, a hundred slaves here? Do you care for them all like her?”

“No. She’s special. You may have noticed that she is smart. I know you noticed that she’s gorgeous, and that she is a real joy to have around. Add in that the sex is incredible, and you have a dynamite package. She is, as I said that morning outside the bar, important to my business. I want her to stay on after the end of her contract. I have offered her money and time for school, a bonus, a better contract payment. I hope to keep her. I also hope she keeps you, because I do care about her, and she wants you. To continue with your question, yes, there are some girls here that I also care for. Some I have owned for six years, and even if they aren’t as valuable as Joan, they are good at what they do. There are some newer ones that I have my eye on. There are some that I value for skills but would rather not be around. I barely know any of the black-collar slaves.”

“That brings up another concern. I don’t want to lose her to a noose.”

“You won’t. We won’t. Only black collars can be noosed, and even most of them aren’t put into noose sucks. Once they are trained, they are worth more than the extra income from that.”

“That’s not like other places.”

“This is a nice place, clean, good service, no fights, good-looking women. The places you are talking about are usually dives.”

“I suppose. Do you have any romantic interest in Joan?”

The sudden twist got Mr. Johnson’s attention. “Not truly romantic. A woman like her, at her age, if she were free, would be a dream, but it probably wouldn’t work out. It’s more than erotic interest for me, though. She is fun in other ways.”

He and Jim talked for quite a while, about Joan, about business, about Jim’s situation and plans, about a lot of things. When it slowed a bit, Mr. Johnson raised his mug and waved it at the waitress. She immediately got two more mugs and brought them out.

Joan had been watching for the signal. She got Charlene and said, “Let’s do it.” Joan swished the preparation liquid in her mouth, spat it out, and let Charlene leash her and cuff her. The few suckers on duty watched with only a little surprise as Joan was led out. All of the slaves sucked occasionally. Some were priced high and went out to suck quite rarely. Joan was very good, quite expensive, and sucked once or twice a week.

Joan cast her eyes down as Charlene led her to the table where Jim and Mr. Johnson sat. When she stopped by Jim, he looked up, expecting the waitress. She said, “Welcome to Suckers. We offer you a special treat, one of our best suckers, for your enjoyment, completely free. Please expose yourself so she can begin.” Jim looked at Joan, finally recognized Joan, then looked at Mr. Johnson.

He said, “Go ahead, Jim. Joan is offering you something, and showing you a little of this side of her life. Please accept the gift.”

Jim rose, dropped his pants and underwear, and sat. His cock was straight up. Joan knelt gracefully between his legs and began to kiss his clock and slide it in her mouth.

Jim had fucked Joan quite a few times, but he had never asked for oral sex. He was still a little nervous about not pushing her. She thought it was cute. She was putting an effort into this suck to make it last and make it memorable. When he finally came, it was glorious for him. She swallowed it all and cleaned him off. She then rose and stood, eyes cast down, and Charlene asked, “Did you enjoy that, sir?”

Jim barely registered the question. It finally soaked in, and he replied, “That was incredible. I didn’t think a suck could be that good. Thank you.” He spoke the last words to both Charlene and Joan.

Charlene replied, “Thank you, sir. Suckers strives to provide the best experience.” Charlene tugged on Joan’s leash and led her to Mr. Johnson. “Sir, if you wish, please expose yourself so she can begin.” Mr. Johnson exposed himself, and Joan started on him. She did the same expert job she had for Jim. It took longer for the older man, but he ended the same way. It was hard to impress him with a suck, but Joan could do it.

Charlene asked, “Did you enjoy that, sir?”

“One of the best efforts. Top marks.”

“Thank you, sir.” Charlene led Joan away to the backstage preparation area.

The men pulled their pants back up, and silently drank their beer. Jim finally spoke. “I was afraid to see her at work. I thought the degradation and humiliation would make me sick. Then that happened. It was not degrading or humiliating for her. She didn’t look at me. Is that what they are supposed to do?”

“What Joan and Charlene did was exactly what we want them to do. It was a professional and flawless performance. Were you satisfied with the service?”

“Yes. It was fantastic. I haven’t asked her for that, and she hasn’t offered it before now.”

“That’s between you two. We wanted you to see a little of what her life is like. If you think it’s a waste for her to spend all her time doing that, you’d be right. She leads the staff and takes care of business matters. A suck from Joan will set a customer back $200.”

“That’s enough to buy a slave!”

“Not much of one, and not one that can do what she just did.”

They sat, conversed, and drank another beer, then Mr. Johnson asked, “When you were here the other day, did you see much of the bar?”

“No, just a hall and her room. What I wanted to see was in there.”

“Yes, she said she modeled her uniform for you. There’s a lot more to see and understand than that. I think you should see the things that she oversees so that you can appreciate the magnitude of her job. I think you’ll enjoy all of the beautiful nude women, too. Let’s go.”