Mr. Johnson found Joan early one afternoon working in the office. She rose to greet him, and he waved her back to her chair. “Hows the business?”

“Lots of net revenue, over our projections. Even better, the profit percentage is up. Things are getting a little more efficient with that new ordering and tracking software.”

“Which was your idea, I believe. Joan, I’d like to take you home tonight. I don’t want to mess up your plans, but I’ve been leaving you to your young man for the last week, and I want you tonight.”

“I’d love to, George.” She had looked around before using his first name. “When, where, and how should I prepare?”


“Leash, cuffs, gag, whatever.”

George considered. “No bondage. Bring your collar key. Bring a bag with clothes; I may want to show you off tomorrow. In fact, I do want to do that. You won’t be in tomorrow.”

“It isn’t my day off, but I could reschedule.”

“No, it’s a day for me. If you need to charge a slave-day to something, make up a business-sounding term for ‘keeping the boss happy’ and account for it. Bring something nice, something sensible, and that shorts-and-halter I saw you in a few days ago.”

“Should I dress before meeting you?”

“No, I don’t think so. It’s nice outside and I like looking at you.”

Joan giggled. “I know. Let me know when and where to meet you.” She thought for a bit, then continued, “Can I assign Delia to a special job tonight?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I’d like to have her set up in the Fuck Room for Jim. You get me tonight and tomorrow; she needs fucking, and it would be nice to give Jim something.”

“A capital idea. Arrange it. Arrange it for tomorrow night, too. Have Louise stay in the room. I don’t think he will do anything bad to Delia, but it makes me a little happier.”

“Certainly. She can participate if he wants her to. Can he stay until morning?”

“If he likes, and if he doesn’t like, he’s insane. Aren’t you taking a risk, sending him to someone else?”

“I want him to accept sharing me. It would be unfair to expect him not to have an outside contact when I have one. I will tell him to use a condom in any penetration. In any case, the other woman in this case is one, rather two, that I have in my tender mercies, so I think I can control the fallout.”

George laughed. “You have the bases covered reasonably well. By the way, I have men crawling out of the woodwork asking to fuck ‘the new slave’. I have to turn a lot down. It seems to have boosted the crowd. I hope we don’t disappoint too many people.”

“I had a thought about that. There are lots of black-collars that suck OK and deserve a break. Unless you’ve done it, they haven’t been fucked for a long time. If there are requests, or a customer you favor, we can reward both. If we don’t charge any money, or open it up too wide, I don’t think we have to adjust the business license.”

“Good idea. Give it to a green-collar to implement, one that you think has some potential. What happened to that slave-punishing business that you proposed last month?”

“I picked the green-collar to run it and set up some prices. They are higher for private punishments. Public whippings will be on the raised area at the end of the main room. Public noosings will be there too. I’m having a small storage room cleared out for private punishments and noosings. Janelle is teaching a couple of junior slaves on the basics of whipping. They practice on some of the noosers, who are getting more business because of the stripes. By the way, noose sucks are declining, but regular sucks are up. It may not sound like a good situation, but my data show that losing trained suckers isn’t worth what we get for noose sucks, given the number of noose sucks before they lose. I think we should gradually raise the price on noose sucks, with specials on slaves we don’t care too much about. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to satisfy the speeders while reducing the chances of losing a sucker, but that may take some thinking.”

“Very good. I agree with the cost/benefit analysis on noose sucks. However, they draw people in, which is hard to factor into the bottom line. If you can figure out the speeder problem, it may be the best of both worlds. Don’t forget, some girls ask to be noosers to get out.”

“Yes, that’s true. That’s a case for a special. We could also consider selling them, which could bring a better return.”