Around midnight, Jim went into the bar and gave his name to the desk attendant, and shortly after that a slave led him to the Fuck Room. He went in and saw a beautiful woman in a spread eagle on the bed, and another standing by her. “Hello, sir, and welcome. I am Louise. This is Delia. I am to assist you in any way you wish, as is Delia. Joan requests that you fuck Delia first, then you may tie either or both of us and have sex as you wish.”

Jim disrobed. He went to the bed and examined the inhabitant. He thought he recognized her, and then it hit him — she was at the University, where he had taken a class. “Hello, again. We met outside the bar few days ago. And in Econ 108 last semester.” Delia blushed over most of her upper body.

“Hi. I recognized you. I’m a little embarrassed meeting you again this way.”

“Don’t be. You’re beautiful.” He looked at Louise and said, “So are you.” He turned back to Delia. “How did you end up as a slave in a suck bar?”

She sighed. “Remember that jackass Ed? I was living with him, and found out by accident that he was going to sell me off. I volunteered to be my father’s slave to avoid him doing that. My parents decided that I needed a lesson in what could have happened to me, and here I am. Please use me as Joan requested. I really am a slave and if I don’t do what she wants, I’ll get whipped.”

“There’s no chance I won’t do what Joan asked. When I’m presented with a feast like this,” as he pointed at Delia, “I’m going to eat.” He considered for a moment. “So you’re the live-in that Ed couldn’t sell. He was really upset about that. He was even more upset that when you moved out, you took the DVD that had the third sex act that he needed to enslave his second-string girlfriend. She got wind of what Ed was up to and dumped him.”

Delia made a mental note to try to talk with Julia about safeguarding that DVD, or perhaps offering it to him for some embarrassing price. That other girl knew that Delia was living there and fucked Ed anyway.

Jim laid beside her and started playing. He liked this because he could play with what interested him right away instead of the long, drawn-out process of moving from here to there that a lot of women wanted. Delia was already prepared, he noted, but he liked playing anyway. He eventually asked Louise to put the condom on him. When Louise was done, he said, “Now you can be the guiding hand. She’s not able to, and I want you to guide me in.” Louise did as he asked, but was obviously not used to being in the middle of a sex act with two others. To Delia’s relief, he was a gentle fucker, and she enjoyed the sex. When he was done, he rose and went to the bathroom, then returned. Louise asked, “Shall I release her?”

“No. If you have two dildos, lube them up and put them in her. Vibrating dildos, preferably. Do you have a ball gag for her? I’ve never gagged a woman and I want to do it.”

“Certainly sir. Here’s the gag. I’ll get on the dildos.”

He took the gag and went to Delia’s head. “I’m practicing. Open wide.” She did so, but she didn’t look happy. He inserted the ball and wrapped the straps around her head, then fumbled for a while before he could buckle it. He made it tight, but not painful. When he was done, he stroked her hair, then her breasts, then the sides of her face. He moved the ball around a little to see if it would come out, and it appeared to be secure. He watched Louise finish the tasks that he had set for her.

“Turn the dildos on. ” Louise did so. Jim looked at the buzzing devices, then put his finger on Delia’s clitoris. She moaned a little and pressed up against his finger. He stayed there for a while, then, keeping his finger where it was, turned to Louise and said, “Pour us some of that wine and take it to the couch.” When she was done and was standing by the couch, he removed his finger and went to sit on the couch.

“Sit down, please. Have a drink.” After she had done it, he asked, “How do you feel about being in the same position as her?”

Louise replied, “She’s comfortable on a good bed and just had a great fuck. I’ve only had a few lately, and that was after a year of none. I’d consider her position fun.”

“I’ll remember that. In the meantime, it will take me a while to get back up to the task. I’d like to sit here and neck.”

Louise took another drink, sat the cup down, and moved to him, put her arms around him, and started to kiss him deeply. She noticed, after the first break she took for air, that his down time might not be too long. She kissed how she thought men liked it, but finally asked him, “Am I doing this right?”

“You’re OK. Long, slow, open-mouth, tongue, lip. You’re picking it up pretty quick. I take it you don’t have much experience?”

“Only a couple of boys before my enslavement, and nothing after that until last week. All I’m sure of is sucking.”

“Please, demonstrate.”

She slipped down and started a slow suck. Jim enjoyed it, but stopped her before he climaxed, and told her to have some more wine. “It was exquisite. I’d rather be inside a different part of you, though.” They sipped and cuddled as he played with her intimate parts. They kissed some more, and Jim noticed she was improving. Delia occasionally lifted her head and watched, wishing she was getting some of that.

After a while, Jim asked Louise, “What do you think of sex in bondage?”

“That’s the only kind I’ve gotten in a year. It was great.”

“Good, because I just got my second try at it and I’m spoiling for a third. Let’s get her off the bed and you in her position. We’ll leave the gag and dildos in her, and cuff her. After we are done, I think I’ll unlock you both, mostly, for a while. Show me the cuffs and chains that I have to work with.”

Shortly after that, Delia was on the couch, cuffed behind her back, and ankle-cuffed to the leg of the couch. Louise was spread-eagle on the bed, not gagged, and Jim was on her, kissing her, and slowly fucking her. She was in heaven.