The next morning, Joan woke in George’s bed. He wasn’t there, so she rose and roamed around the house naked. She found him in the kitchen making breakfast. “Morning, Joan. Have some coffee. I was letting you sleep until breakfast was ready.”

“Thank you. That was quite a night. After all that exercise, I slept well.”

“My pleasure. My extreme pleasure, actually. I may not be able to keep up with a twenty-something man, but I can still deliver an acceptable performance.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. He might have a little more stamina, but you know more about what you are doing and how to make the woman feel good. I’m going to be teaching Jim for a long time.”

After breakfast, George said, “Take your collar off and put on your shorts and halter top. Let’s do some outdoors stuff.”

“So you want to stuff me outdoors.”

“Cute. Yes, that too, but I meant having a picnic, walking, that kind of thing.”

“Good. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that kind of thing.”

They spent the day at the zoo, of all places. They didn’t get as many funny looks as George expected, given their age difference. They were too cuddly to be thought father and daughter, but people were getting used to men having slaves with them. In any case, he didn’t care. One exhibit that they were interested in was in the primate area. It was a group of slaves being housed in primitive jungle conditions. “Do you want to volunteer?” asked George.

“No, thank you. You see the youngest one, in the back? I think I went to school with her. I wonder if this is a permanent thing or whether they rotate slaves through here.”

“The panel over there says that they intend to keep them in there for at least four years. It’s an experiment in group dynamics. They have to compete for scarce resources. Those that win at certain challenges get more food. The top slave at the end of each year gets released from the exhibit. It says that the outside of the window we are looking through is mirrored, and that they can’t see the visitors.”

They had a pleasant lunch at the zoo and looked around until about 4. They left the zoo and went back to George’s place. He took her to the well-screened back yard and stuffed her outside, as she suggested earlier. They took a long pleasant shower together, and he had her put on the nice dress she’d brought. “Tonight, we dine at a fine restaurant, We spend a few hours at a nice bar with a dance floor and band, and then we come back here for some festivities.”

“Which shall consist of me in a pillory and twelve dancing girls.”

“Not a bad idea, but we’ll hold on to that one for some other time. Unless you really want it, no bondage. I do want to practice for the Joan sandwich, so I’ll have to use the rear entrance tonight at least once, with a nice filling dildo in the front entrance.”

“Oooohhh. Sounds like fun.”