After Jim finished fucking Louise, he laid there for a while. He was exhausted after two magnificent experiences. He finally rose from Louise and used the bathroom again, then returned to Louise and freed her from the bed. He told Louise, “Take out Delia’s gag, take out her dildos, then uncuff her hands. Leave the leg iron on. Get another leg iron and attach yourself to the other end of the couch in the same way.” He watched, taking pleasure in having his commands carried out by a nude woman on a nude woman. When Louise was done, Jim filled three glasses with the wine that had been left for him, handed a glass to each slave, and sat between them.

“I could get used to this,” he said. He considered for a while, then asked, “Would Joan actually have had you whipped if I didn’t fuck you?” he asked Delia.

Delia said, “I didn’t want to find out.”

Louise put in, “I don’t think so, if you had just decided to fuck me instead. If she had done something to get you not to fuck her, then maybe Joan would have had her whipped.”

Delia shuddered.

The three of them finished their wine, and Jim yawned widely. “I’m beat. Let’s go to bed.” He handed Louise a cuff key and told her to release herself and Delia, then told them to use the bathroom. When they returned, he had them get into the bed on either side of him. He laid on his side, and had Louise lay on her side in front of him, her back to him, and Delia lie behind him, her front to his back. He liked the double spoon. They were all asleep shortly.