In the morning Delia woke first, and slipped out of bed to use the bathroom. She was careful not to disturb the man whom she had been given to for the night. She was beginning to be terrified of men in general. Everything in her life scared her. She crept back into bed and resumed her position.

Jim slowly woke a while later. When he moved, Louise woke too. Jim rose, and the two girls rose also. Jim used the bathroom and laid back down while Louise used it. When she came out, he motioned to her to join him on the bed. “I’d like to try doggy style,” he told her, and she immediately got on her hands and knees and spread her legs. He played for a while, getting her wet with her cooperation. He plunged in, and went for a wild ride. When he was finished, he was covered with sweat, as was Louise. He said, “That’s a big shower. Everyone in!”

The shower was indeed large, and he noted hooks and eye bolts for securing slaves. That was interesting. For this shower, however, he just enjoyed the company and the social occasion, washing various parts of the women and having them wash him. When it was over, the girls dried him off, then dried themselves when he went to dress.

Louise emerged from the bathroom first, and Jim asked her, quietly, “Will you be in charge of her tonight?”

“I think so. I’m almost always in charge of her.”

“Good. I’m coming back tonight to use her. Please arrange her for anal sex. Don’t tell her what’s going to happen.”

“Of course. I’ll see what bondage equipment is available for anal sex and I’ll set it up for you. Do you want her blindfolded?”

“No. Just don’t tell her it’s me that’s coming back.”

“I will do as you command.”

Jim thought, again, that he could get used to this. He left the Fuck Room and the bar to get some breakfast and go to work. As he walked, he wondered about Joan. She was submissive to him, but also somewhat aggressive in seeking his attention, and she was in charge of all those slaves in the bar. Some of them apparently feared her. She was submissive to him and to her owner, but dominant over the other slaves. He thought that was a little strange, but as he thought about it, he realized that he’d seen that before in businesses that used slaves. He knew he could get used to having Joan around, and not because she gave him side benefits like the previous night. He wondered if he could buy her, but knew that she would be way out of his price range, and that she would be free in a year, or able to change her asset contract then, anyway. As he daydreamed on, he wondered if you could marry a slave, and how that would be possible with a slave owned by someone else. He stopped suddenly, realizing that he had been thinking about marrying Joan — something that hadn’t crossed his mind before with any other girl. He thought, I hope I get used to this.