Part 2

Lunch was over. It was another disappointing meal. How anyone could ruin good food so completely was beyond Annie’s comprehension. It wasn’t that the food had been burned or over salted, it was just so tasteless. Like cardboard had been mixed in. Maybe they did mix cardboard in. It would be a way to save money on feeding slaves.

Annie looked around the room again. Was it only this morning I was complaining about being bored? It’s amazing what a little bit of friendly human contact can do for my frame of mind. The guards had removed the young woman’s gag and handcuffs. After they ate lunch and the guards removed the bowls and spoons and they were alone again Annie asked, “Now we can talk why don’t you tell me your name?”

The younger woman shyly looked at Annie and replied, “My name is Joy. Did you ever tell me yours?”

“Oh Crap! I did it again. I’m so sorry. My name is Annie. There I was, telling you practically my life story and I forgot to tell you my name, geeesh!” Annie was shaking her head and smiling. “Do you want to tell me your story? Or should I finish mine first? Hey, what’s with the tears?”

Joy sat on the edge of the mattress with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks. She just shook her head. Annie looked closely at her. She was thin. Too thin, because she looked practically starved. She had short curly brunette hair and big brown eyes. She looked whipped by life and like she didn’t think she deserved any better. Annie sat next to her and put her arm around Joy’s shoulders. “How about I finish my story while you relax. I’m sure that hearing all about Officer Murphy will make you feel a bit better. He is definitely one of the highlights of my life. You won’t believe how naive I was.”

“I believe I left off where Officer Murphy told me to leave my keys in my car. I was surprised. My car was damaged but quite drivable. I looked at him, not quite understanding, and asked, ‘Why can’t I drive my car home?’ he replied with a cruel sneer, and I could tell he was enjoying being nasty, ‘Because bitch, you are going to be in the back of my cruiser!’ I was speechless for a few moments. I know, you’ve only known me a few hours and you can’t imagine me speechless but I was. After a few seconds I croaked out ‘Am I under arrest?’

“Officer Murphy looked like he was thinking and then he responded, ‘Well bitch, if I arrest you I’ll have to put handcuffs on you and secure you tightly in the back seat and it won’t be comfortable. If you are really nice to me maybe I’ll wait to arrest you until we get back to the station.’ I’m not a slow learner so I just dropped to my knees in front of him and started nuzzling his crotch with my chin. I reached up and unfastened his pants and lowered them. Remember when I said I thought he was a football player. He was a big guy, husky but not fat. Well what he was packing in his pants could probably be listed as a deadly weapon. His cock was huge.”

“My husband was the first man I ever had sex with. The guy that I just gave a blow job to was only the second cock I had ever seen. For thirty years of marriage I only had one cock, now in 30 minutes of car accident I was going to have two, and one of those was a monster.” Annie said as she smiled and licked her lips, remembering the incident with satisfaction.

Annie continued, “Officer Murphy grabbed my braid and pulled my head up to his shoulder. He growled, ‘I said really nice and trust me, a blow job wasn’t what I had in mind.’ He grabbed my boob and dragged me over to the cruiser, opened the back door and told me to get in on my hands and knees. He reached in and pulled my panties down my legs and then off. Thank God I was so wet because without waiting or anything, he just rammed that monster cock in me. I’ve never felt so full!”

Annie took a couple of deep breaths and started again, “He started pounding his cock into me slowly and strongly. My head kept banging against the other door but ooohh, his cock felt so good I didn’t even notice the pain in my head until he was over. I don’t know how long he lasted but I came at least twice before he even started to speed up. When he finally came he rammed into me so hard that I thought I was going to split in two. He pulled out, wiped his cock off on my skirt, threw my panties in on top of me and shut the door. We were on our way to the police station. It was wham bam and not even a thank you ma’am but to tell you the truth I should’ve thanked him.”

“The drive to the courthouse didn’t take very long. When we got there Officer Murphy hustled me inside and booked me. Have you been through that?” Annie asked Joy. “uh … no.” Joy replied.

“Well it was no fun but it didn’t hurt. They took my picture and my fingerprints then Officer Murphy asked a bunch of basic questions as he typed up a report. He just asked stuff like the proper spelling of my name, what my husband’s name was, address, you know that kind of stuff. They put me in a cell and I sat there waiting until it was time to go to court.”

“The battery on my watch died a few weeks before this so I really don’t know how long I sat in that holding cell. I don’t think it was long, maybe about an hour. Another officer came and practically dragged me down a hallway and into court. The judge, an older man looked at the typed report. I didn’t have to say a word. Once he finished reading he looked up and said, ‘You are charged with speeding and you have pleaded guilty to the charge. There is no further business before this court. You are judicially enslaved. Strip.’ So I did”

Annie paused and shook her head as if remembering something confusing. She stared into space for almost a minute before Joy asked, “Are you alright?” Annie jerked and said in a monotone voice, “This was the hardest part of the whole night. I had bribed a guy with a blow job, I had been soundly fucked in the back of a police cruiser and there I was blushing and shaking as I removed my clothes in the front area of the court room. As I removed my panties you could see how wet they were with my juices and Officer Murphy’s cum. Because of the rough treatment in the back of the cruiser I was standing kind of bowlegged and my boob was bruised where he had grabbed it.”

After pausing briefly she said, “I was mortified. My mother used to use that word but I got whole new appreciation for it that night. Once I was stripped I stood there holding one hand in front of my pussy and the other arm over my boobs. The bailiff grabbed my arms behind me and cuffed them with a cheap plastic zip. He led me out of the courtroom.”

“The bailiff took me down to the basement. I noticed later that there were cells and some tall round cages. The cages were so narrow that a person in there would have to stand up. There was no room to sit. I guessed the cells were for men and the cages for women. When the bailiff took me there I was in a state of shock I think and the bailiff just left me standing there.”

“I couldn’t have been standing there for long and I was just starting to look around the room a bit when this huge guy with a shaved head came in. He was carrying a riding crop. He had this big grin on his face. He looked at me and said, ‘I heard we had a slave here, and hey, it’s a good looking one too.’ He swatted the crop against his leg and continued, ‘This is gonna be fun.’

“Hell, I told you before I wasn’t a slow learner. I did what I had to do. I dropped to my knees and I opened my mouth.”