At breakfast, Louise attached Delia’s leash to the chair with the cuffs as she did at every meal. Delia didn’t say anything about it, even though she was the only white collar that got that treatment. Over breakfast, which she admitted to herself was pretty good, they talked about the night before and slave life in general.

“I’d have to say that was the best fucking I’ve gotten, just ahead of that guy that told me I’d turned him down for a date and Mr. Johnson, and way ahead of any of the others. How did you like it?”

“I loved it. I haven’t done it very many times, and not at all for almost a year until Mr. Johnson and him. I worried that being tied down would make it less enjoyable, but it was great. That might be because both of them are better at fucking than the boys I had before, or maybe I just like it.”

Delia grinned and said, “I’ve done it more, both tied and not tied, and both that guy last night and Mr. Johnson are much better than average. If we see a goofy grin on Joan’s face, we’ll know why.” Delia had looked around first before saying that, and spoken quietly, not wanting to violate Mr. Johnson’s command to keep it from the other slaves.

Louise grinned back and nodded. “I’d like to get more of him, but I don’t think we’ll see much of him unless she’s busy. Mr. Johnson took her home. If he does it again, maybe we’ll get this chance again.”

“Unless he’s too happy. She might give him some other girls then.”

“I hope not.”

Louise cuffed Delia, took the trays to the window, then led Delia off for more suck training. Delia was getting good scores from the machine, and not getting many shocks. Louise was actually getting more shocks than Delia because she was getting far more advanced programs. When Delia laughed about it, Louise set Delia on one of the advanced programs, then had to stop it because of the massive shocks that Delia got. Delia didn’t tease Louise any more after that. That afternoon, they both were on suck duty until 6PM, an earlier shift than usual for them. When they went off duty, they got supper, then were ordered to the white-collar waiting area.