When they got there, a supervisor put a green cover on Louise’s collar and asked her if she had read the green-collar book.

“Yes, I’ve read it, and the waitress book.”

“You won’t need the waitress book now, but it’s good you’ve read it. Have you read them, Delia?”

“The green-collar book, yes. The waitress book, not all the way through.”

“For the next two hours, Louise, you will be a green-collar leader for Delia. She will get a few sucks, and you will be in charge of getting her prepared, leading her, presenting her, and getting her back here for cleaning. Do you understand?”


“Good. Put her in the waiting area, then watch the floor with the other leaders. I’ll see that you get assignments that shouldn’t go wrong this first time. We need some good green-collars, and you show some promise. If you can do it, it will be a better life.”

“Thank you.” Louise led Delia to the waiting area, locked her to a chair, and uncuffed her.

After about half an hour, the supervisor signalled Louise. Louise got Delia, cuffed her, got her mouth prepared, and led her to the entrance to the bar floor. The supervisor pointed to a table with one man at it. Louise nodded and led Delia to the table. “Welcome to Suckers, sir. Please expose yourself so this sucker may begin.”

Delia did her usual good job, and Louise asked afterward. “Thank you for using the services of Suckers. How did you like the service?” The customer was well satisfied. Louise led Delia back to the cleaning area and handed her over to a cleaner. The supervisor said, “Well done. I’ll have another for her in about five minutes.”

When the supervisor pointed out the next customer for Delia, Louise froze. It was the boy who had sold her friends pot, then turned them in, resulting in Louise becoming a slave with the others. She thought quickly. She didn’t want to deal with him, but she didn’t want to refuse an order, either. Then it hit her. As the supervisor noticed her hesitation, Louise said, “That boy isn’t old enough to be drinking that drink. It isn’t 3.2 beer. I knew him before…” She let it trail off.

The supervisor took her seriously. She picked up a phone and called the bouncer, one of the few male employees. Soon the bouncer was asking the boy for his ID, which the boy handed over under protest. The bouncer examined it closely, then apparently found fault with it, because he motioned the boy to leave the bar, and kept the ID. He came over to the supervisor. “Good call. It was a good fake, enough to get past a quick look at the door, but not good enough to pass a close inspection. He hadn’t touched his drink yet, so we’ll probably be OK if it was a sting. Thanks.”

The supervisor replied, “I’m glad we were able to help. Louise, here, told me that he was underage.” The bouncer acknowledged this, then returned to the front of the bar. The supervisor said, “Good job. If you hadn’t said anything, we could have gotten into trouble. Most slaves wouldn’t have mentioned it, because it doesn’t help them to. You are going to find that it does help you. I’m writing an incident report and you will have a prominent part in it. That will be good for you.”

Louise thanked her, and thought, I didn’t do it to help this bar, but it helped me in two ways.

They stayed on duty longer than two hours. At about 11PM, they got off duty after eight more sucks. They went to the Fuck Room, showered, and Louise put Delia on a small footstool-like contraption that was on the bed. It had a sloping top that Delia’s torso rested on, with a neck restraint and straps to hold her upper arms to the front legs. The back legs of the device were spread wider than the front, and had straps for just above the knee and the upper thigh. When Delia was strapped in and helpless, Louise started lubricating her anus.

“Oh, no, not that. I always hated when boys tried to do that to me.”

“Orders are orders. I’ll get you greased up good so it will go easier.” Louise lubricated the external part, pushed some just inside, then put an applicator on the tube of lube and squeezed a large quantity of it inside Delia, getting some of it in quite deeply. She then lubed Delia’s front entrance, just to cover all the bases. Then they waited until Jim arrived. He looked at the arrangement, said, “That’s good,” disrobed, and got into position behind Delia. Louise intervened with a condom, and at his nod put it on him. He said, “Hello, Delia.” Then he slowly pushed his way inside, savoring the tightness and heat. When he was fully seated, he stopped to enjoy the sensation and to let her body adjust to his presence.

Delia took it in silence. It wasn’t as bad as previous experiences had been, perhaps because of the good lubrication, or perhaps because he had taken his time instead of ramming himself inside. She didn’t think it was as good as vaginal sex, but it was better than a whipping.

Jim started long, slow strokes. He found it difficult to reach Delia’s clit, so he told Louise to massage it for him. She snaked a hand in underneath the bondage device, found the nub, and started a slow rub. Delia stopped thinking about how she preferred other kinds of sex and started enjoying the experience.

Jim lasted longer than he thought he would, but finally climaxed, then stayed still until he softened. He withdrew and used the bathroom. Louise didn’t release Delia, but kept up the rubbing, bringing Delia to a third orgasm.

When Jim came back, he said, “Release her.” Louise did so, and he led them both to the couch, where he cuddled them both. He addressed Delia. “How did you like that?”

She was surprised at the question, but answered, “It was enjoyable, especially with the rubbing.”

“How did it compare to normal sex?”

She hesitated, then decided that the truth was the best option. “I like vaginal sex better, but that was OK. It was much better than my previous experience with anal.”

Jim asked a few more questions, wanting to know how to make it better, because he wanted to do it with Joan, and this chance for experimentation would help him with making it good for her.

After that, the girls took turns, one kissing him and one sucking him. When his erection became full and sustained, he had Louise sit on his lap and take him into her vagina, and they slowly bounced their way to orgasm. They slept the night the same way as before.