Joan found herself in a high-end restaurant. She thought her dress wasn’t up to the standard of the other women, but George told her it was fine. She looked at the other women and decided that many of them were slaves. Most were wearing evening gowns and looked gorgeous, but didn’t look happy. George noticed the same thing, then saw that Joan looked happy and excited. It was good that she was happy being with him. It seemed that a lot of other slaves didn’t enjoy fine dining with owners, or renters. He dismissed the thought and kept his attention on Joan and the great day that they had.

Much conversation ensued, not about business but about childhood, lives, families, and pastimes. Joan knew George a lot better at the end of the dinner than before, even though she had been working with him and fucking him for a year. She was beginning to feel much closer to him, which bothered her a bit — he was her owner, and he could punish her as well as treat her well. She thought it was unlikely that he would be harsh, but that was probably what made the other women, who she thought were slaves, less than happy. As time went on, many of the other couples finished and left. About half of the women were cuffed after they rose from the table, confirming Joan’s suspicions for some of them.

She asked him, “Are there any free women in here?”

He replied, “Yes, I recognize a few. This place has specialized somewhat in dining with slaves. That’s not why I brought you here. It’s been a favorite place for many years. Are you finished? If you are, let’s go next door and go dancing.”

Joan was done and was eager to go dancing. George settled the bill and led her next door, without cuffs, which also made her happy. The nightclub was dark and intimate, with good ventilation and attentive staff. The dances were older, ballroom-style, and she was glad she’d taken a class in that kind of dancing. She wondered how many of the other women present were slaves, but it was harder to tell — they seemed happier, perhaps because of the dancing.

After several happy hours, George took her home with him. She expected immediate sex, but he surprised her and got out wine, and they sat in the living room watching a fire crackle, gently caressing each other. They slowly loosened each other’s clothes, and he finally slipped her dress over her head, delighted to find no underwear. She helped him out of the remainder of his clothes, and they had slow delicious sex on the rug near the fire. She wondered if this was what free women considered lovemaking. She only had Jim to compare this to, and she knew he didn’t have the experience to build up to something like this. They cuddled and drifted off. She woke about 2AM, feeling cold — the fire had burned out. She woke George and they moved off to his bed to finish the night.