In the morning, Joan woke when George rose. He greeted her and went to start the shower. She followed him and joined him. After a lot of fun washing each other, George lifted her and took her up against the shower’s wall. When he was done, she said, “Now I have to wash again.”

He responded by washing her, and she in turn washed him.

When they left the bathroom, she asked, “Should I dress, or do you want to return me to the bar in uniform?”

“Please, dress. I want to take you to breakfast, and outside the bar, I’d rather not treat you like a slave. Even though seeing you nude is a pleasant way to pass the time.”

She smiled and dressed. She packed her other clothing and her bar uniform and was ready to go.

George stopped on the way out and said, “It seems we forgot to practice.”

Joan was bewildered for a minute, then said, “Oh, yes, practicing for the Joan sandwich. I think you’ll rise to the occasion anyway.”

“No, something that important requires practice. It means another stay here sometime soon.”

Joan thought that was a great idea, and figured that Jim wouldn’t mind another session with the two slaves she had given him. She was slightly worried that he might like it too much, but then decided that slaves were widely and reasonably cheaply available for such activities and decided that two like that were no more danger than the rest of the slave population.

George drove to his reserved parking spot downtown and they went to the same place he had taken Delia and Louise to after his night with them. He said, “As you can see, I could have brought you here in uniform. You would have been the best-looking nude in the place. Of course, you’re the best looking one in here anyway.”

Joan giggled. It was nice having two men that were sweet on her, and that she could be with both. She supposed it would eventually become a problem, but she hoped that George could get another slave that he could use most of the time and make it easier. As she though about it, she realized that of all the slaves she had ever heard about, other than SINO slaves, she was probably the most free. She also knew that it was because of the arrangement she had made to become an asset slave with certain privileges and restrictions on what her owner could do, and because she had turned out to be really good at her job. If she could keep this kind of situation, she thought it would work out pretty well.

She and George ate a leisurely breakfast. The waitress obviously knew him, and said, “You bring the prettiest girls here. This one is dressed, though. Pity.” She smiled and went about her business.

Joan asked, “Is she a slave?”

“Yes. She’s the daughter of the owner. He enslaved her to keep her from getting enslaved by the boys that were chasing her. I’ll mention your plan to her father, about setting up a trust corporation. That’s similar to what Delia’s father is going to do with her. By the way, don’t tell Delia. I think she still thinks she’ll be freed.”

Joan said, “I should talk to him. Maybe I should talk to his lawyer about it. My lawyer said he was looking into it, but if his is further along it would help.”

“Go ahead.”