Jim woke first and extracted himself from the tangle on the bed. The girls slowly woke as he dealt with calls of nature. When he returned, he looked at both beautiful bodies and realized that he’d fucked Louise unchained, but not Delia. He rectified that omission immediately, with Louise fitting a condom. He decided that Delia was as good unchained as chained, but Louise was better unchained. He wondered if he would get another chance at them, or if future compensation for Joan going off with the bar owner would bring him some of the other slaves. Joan hadn’t told him why she wasn’t available, but he knew it was the bar owner, and she had been open with him about Mr. Johnson using her, and had made it clear that she wanted to keep him happy in her absence.

He again summoned the two girls into the shower, but decided to play a little. He cuffed both of them in front before entering, and hooked Delia’s cuffs to a chain dangling from the ceiling. He had Louise wash her and him, then swapped Delia for Louise and had Delia wash Louise, then parts of him again. He wondered if the attention would get him ready for another bout, but the intense activities of the two nights had drained him, so he just enjoyed the beautiful nude bodies, their touch, the sight of them washing each other, and his control over them.

Jim was aware of how much he enjoyed having physical control over the women, and how much he enjoyed being clearly dominant in the situation. He hadn’t experienced that before. He hadn’t rented a slave, like many of his friends had, and his parents had no slaves, like many of his friends did. He had approached Joan as a free woman when he had met her, because he didn’t know about her slavery, and he hadn’t changed his approach even though he had bound her several times for sex. He wondered if his newly uncovered dominant streak would begin to assert itself in his relationship with Joan. She was a slave, but one with an owner that would not make her continue with him if he got too controlling for her taste. Twas a risk, and a puzzlement.

Jim pushed the complexities from his mind and just enjoyed the situation he was in. He turned off the water and uncuffed the girls so they could dry him and each other, then went back into the bedroom to have them cuddle with him on the bed until he had to leave for work.

After he left, the girls finished preparing their hair, and Delia turned to get cuffed. When that was complete, she expected to be led to breakfast, but Louise sat on the couch and had Delia kneel between her legs. “One of the services that the bar provides is stimulation for women, and that’s what you are going to do now.”

Delia obediently started pleasuring Louise, who held the leash and stroked Delia’s hair. When Louise had enough of the treatment, she led Delia to the bathroom and washed Delia’s face. “Let’s get some breakfast.”

Delia followed Louise, considering the last few days. The demand for pussy licking hadn’t set off resentment or resistance, she realized, and the sex that she was required to provide to the young man didn’t make her angry either. She knew that part of her reaction was because the young man, Jim, was good at it, but she realized that the experience here in the bar was actually turning her into a slave in her thoughts and attitudes. She sighed and went on docilely to breakfast.