When Joan and Mr. Johnson returned to the bar, they went in the front door. Mr. Johnson went to his office, and Joan walked through the bar to the slave quarters fully dressed. She didn’t encounter many slaves on the way, and all of them knew she could dress and leave, but they stared any way. She went to her room, undressed and put on her collar and belt.

As she got ready to leave, she noticed her phone in its charging stand, with a yellow light blinking on it. That meant that there was a message waiting. She picked it up, flipped it open, and dialed the appropriate codes to get her phone mail. It wasn’t Jim, as she hoped and expected, but her father. He sounded slightly slurred, like he was shortly after he started drinking but before he was stinking drunk. He was upset. “You went and got enslaved? When? Who did it? I’m sunk now! You were my last hope! How do I get you out of that so I can sell you? What happened to the silver service and the silverware?” He trailed off into incomprehensibility and the recording ended.

Joan sat and tried to collect herself. She knew it was coming, but it came sooner than she expected, and knowing that your father had tried to sell you out was a big blow, even if you expected it. She calmed down, took a deep breath, and decided to go about the business of the day to try to deal with it. She saved the message. She considered calling him back, but that wouldn’t solve much. She decided to let him stew. Maybe this was the bottom he needed to hit before he could get better.

She went to the office and did business work until lunch time. She decided to eat in the slave chow hall, which she had been staffing with cooks that she pulled out of the stream of incoming slaves. They had good incentive to provide good meals. While they were tan collars, they weren’t sucking much or in danger of noose sucks. Cooks that went bad got to deal with nooses. Once they had been good cooks for a while, Joan would propose asset status. Joan got in the line and got her lunch, then saw Delia and Louise sitting at a table, with Delia’s leash locked to her chair with cuffs. Joan went over and sat with them.

“How did the last day go?” she asked.

Delia looked nervous, but answered, “Things went fine. I got good reviews. Louise led me last evening. The man you gave us to the last two nights seemed to be pleased. I was pleased to serve him.” The last came with a bit of a smile, which Joan noted.

Louise said, “I led Delia yesterday evening. It was originally for two hours, but it went to five hours. Everything went well except that I recognized one of the customers that they were going to send Delia to as an underage drinker.”

Joan took notice of this. “What did you do?”

“I told the supervisor, who called the bouncer, who asked to see his ID again, then confiscated it and kicked him out. The supervisor seemed to be pleased that I told her.”

“Yes, she should be. That could have been a problem. ” Joan paused, considering Louise, and then said, “And why exactly did you tell her?”

Louise considered saying that she did it for the business, but knew that Joan wouldn’t believe it. “He was the guy who sold my friends drugs, the turned us all in and got us enslaved. I knew he wasn’t 21, and that wasn’t 3.2 beer he had on the table. I didn’t want to face him. It struck me that there was a good reason not to serve him.”

Joan smiled. “So it was win-win, huh? Well, that’s OK. It was good for you and the business. I understand why a black-collar wouldn’t care if something was good for the business, but you aren’t black-collar anymore. You will find that things you do that are good for the business are good for you, too. If you start out with things that are good for you, too, that’s fine.” She paused again, then said, “What did you think of the young man I sent you the last two nights?”

“He was gentle, didn’t hurt us, and treated us like we were human. He also fucked us silly. I think he got a charge out of being in charge. The night before last, he told me to get Delia in an anal sex position for him last night. I had her on that small frame and greased her up good. It seemed that he was satisfied.”

Joan looked at Delia and asked, “Did the anal sex harm you?”

“No, Louise lubricated me, and the guy went slow and let things stretch and adjust before he got active. It was actually pleasant, with him telling Louise to rub me while he was inside.”

Joan then asked, “Was all the sex in bondage?”

Louise answered, “He used Delia in bondage first each night. The first night he bound me and used me after Delia. The first morning and the second night he used me unbound. This morning he used Delia unbound.”

“Which was better?”

“It was all good.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You may get another chance. I have a change for you. You don’t have to use the handcuffs like that to bind her to the chair in the chow hall any more. I still want her cuffed and led while you are moving about, but you don’t have to cuff her in here or in the dorm. Delia, I know that doesn’t seem like much of an improvement, but it is.”

“I know it is. I’ve noticed myself becoming a slave inside as well as legally.”

“That will help you. Well, you two, go ahead and use the trainer.”