Joan reviewed the records for the previous two nights and found that Louise and Delia had indeed done well. The night floor supervisor had written a glowing report about Louise pointing out the underage drinker. That, along with her good suck ratings and the ratings she got from floor supervisors, along with the work she had done with Delia, convinced Joan to bump her.

Joan went to Mr. Johnson’s office and knocked. When he called for her to enter, she went in and showed him the summary of Louise’s records and the report from the night before. She said, “I recommend that she be given asset status. I might put her on fast track to green-collar. She’ll be a sucking green-collar, but she would be more useful as a green collar.”

“I agree. Get the paperwork in order and I’ll sign it and send it to the slaver for processing. Do you think Delia will be able to step up and take on some responsibilities?”

“Yes, probably some minor ones, but I think she should remain white-collar even if she does leading. If she’s going to be gone at the end of the summer, I don’t know how much we should put into training her.”

“That’s a good point. I’ll talk with her father. In the meantime, find something for her to do. On another note, I see that you plan on opening the punishment service?”

“We might as well just get started. I’ll tell Laura to be ready at 5PM. The private room is ready. The stage has the equipment we need for whippings. I have a sign to post at the bar entrance that announces the services available. I think we’ll just do that in the bar until we have some experience, before we advertise it.”

“Sound thinking. My lawyer says we are within the law doing it. I just want to make sure that we can do it competently, and a low-volume trial should work.”

Joan left the office to get things started.