Later on, Joan passed the black-collar pens and noticed the slave that had been whipped in a noose. Se stopped and looked up the records. The nooser had been in ten noose sucks and had survived them all, and had gotten reasonable ratings. She had also done quite a few non-noose sucks. It appeared that the ring gag actually got men interested, even though it reduced the quality of the suck. Joan considered for a while, then walked over to the nooser and took the noose off of her. “Come with me, ” said Joan, and led her to the black-collar pen entrance. “You are out of the noosers, for now, anyway. Any funny business and you go right back. You keep the ring gag. Go on in.” Joan held the pen gate open for her. The ex-nooser scooted in and Joan closed the gate. The other black-collar suckers near the pen entrance greeted her; they had a finger-hooking that they used for a handshake.

Joan went back to update the computer records to show the reassignment. Afterwards, she reviewed the noosers. There were only two of them now. One was a pretty girl who had been a good sucker, but had asked Joan to put her in the noosers. Joan though that her losing a noose suck would be a waste, but moved her over anyway. She had survived several fast noosings, so she wasn’t yet completely ready to die, but Joan could tell it was coming soon. Joan impulsively looked at a web site that gave current average prices for slaves on the open market. It appeared that attractive slaves that were good at sex and could cook and clean were going at a good rate. It would be enough for the bar to make a profit on her, even ignoring the suck income she had brought in. The computer system kept track of the investment in each slave, including purchase price, medical, and feed. It also kept track of the number of sucks, revenue for each, and ratings, and disciplinary problems and actions. If Joan could sell her and make a profit, it would provide a way out for some of the slaves and would weigh less on Joan.

Joan looked at the purchase record. There was no sex rating or notes about any skills. Joan decided to ask the girl, and maybe have her tested. She walked to the nooser, took the noose off, and led her by the arm to an area behind the pens. It appeared that the rest of the black collars thought this was goodbye.

When Joan had the nooser in the Service Room, she leg-cuffed her and fastened her to a tie-down point. Joan then removed the girl’s gag. “Hello. Do you still want to die?”

The girl swallowed and tried to wet her mouth, then croaked out, “Not really, but I can’t stand much more of this.”

Joan continued, “I have another option. It’s either the new idea, or you get used in an example of the new services to be provided by the bar. The example scenario: You’ll get chained on the stage; we’ll put a noose machine on you, and set it to the slowest speed. You won’t be sucking. You’ll just strangle.” The girl looked even paler than before. “The other option is to sell you. You’re pretty. You suck OK. If you are any good at sex and housework, we could sell you. Would that be better than the example?”

The girl looked blankly at Joan for a moment, then said, “It would have to be better. Unless my new owner is a monster and likes to inflict pain.”

“That’s a problem for slaves. Are you any good at sex? Can you cook and clean?”

“My boyfriend thought I was OK. I can cook, as long as it isn’t too fancy. I can clean.”

“OK. I’m going to have you sex tested. I’m going to have some house slaves ask you a few questions to see about the housework. If it doesn’t work, you know what happens. If it looks OK, I try to sell you. If I sell you and you don’t work out, I’ll refund the buyer’s money, and we will come up with a more unpleasant example for you to be in. It will also end the sales option for any future slave that wants out.” Joan knew that the nooser’s sister was in the pens, too, and would probably ask for death after her sister disappeared. The nooser immediately picked up on that one. “Sit tight. I’ll get things going.” Joan re-gagged the nooser and left her there.

Joan first went to explain her idea to Mr. Johnson, who would have to approve the sale. He agreed. She then called a sex rating service that the slavers used and had a tester come to the bar. An hour later Joan found that the girl had an 8 for an oral rating, a 7 for missionary sex, and an 8 for doggy-style. That was good enough. Instead of using her own tan-collars, Joan brought in a house slave she knew that could leave her owner’s place for a while and had her question the girl. The report was that she understood what needed to be done, but that the examiner couldn’t render an opinion on her attitude or her willingness to work. Joan thanked her friend and had the nooser lick her to orgasm.

Joan looked through the want ads for someone wanting a house slave. There were several, including some near the bar. She called one of them. “Hello, I have a slave for sale that meets the requirements in your ad. Are you still interested?” The potential buyers were interested, and asked when they could see the merchandise. “How about fifteen minutes? I’ll bring her to your place. OK, great. See you then.”

Joan quickly dressed, not wanting to be taken as a slave in the negotiations. She unlocked the nooser’s legs and led her out the back of the bar towards the prospect’s place.

Precisely at the appointed time, Joan rang the bell. When the door opened, she said, “Hi, I’m Joan. This is Kat. Please check her out.”

The homeowner led them inside and inspected Kat closely. “Is she good at sex?” Joan gave him a copy of the sex test results. “That’s good. Can she cook?”

Joan said, “She assures me she can, and I asked an expert to question her. It appears that she can. I propose that, if you like, we transfer her and you take ownership. If at the end of a week you aren’t satisfied, you give her back, you get your money back, and she goes to the other use we have thought up for her.” The gagged slave looked at Joan with alarm, knowing what she meant.

The homeowner said, “That sounds like a good idea. What are you asking?”

The haggling didn’t take long, as the homeowner had looked at the same sources of average prices as Joan. He was also horny, and the slave was quite attractive. Joan called the slaver that Mr. Johnson had told her to call, and he showed up shortly. The transfer was a quick transaction. Joan shook the man’s hand, handed him the leash, and was on her way with paperwork and check in hand. She thought, in a few months I’ll offer him her sister too. As she left, she heard the distinctive sounds of a male torso pounding a young slave.

When Joan got back, she left her clothes on and went to the lone remaining nooser. “You’ll be getting out of here tonight. You’ll be the lead attraction in our new business. Snuffers Are Us.” Joan knew that this one wasn’t worth trying to sell. She was a lousy sucker, wouldn’t fuck, and couldn’t do anything worth doing. A perfect candidate for the role of first snuff.