Joan went to her room and put her uniform back on. The nudity was now natural to her, and she was graceful and enticing in the high heels. She went back out to the floor and took the last, doomed nooser out of her noose and took her to the Service Room, where she leg-cuffed the nooser and locked her to a tie-down point. She said, “I’m going to explain what will happen today and tonight. You’ll get a chance to talk a little. This evening, we are starting new businesses: punishing slaves for their owners and snuffing slaves for their owners. You will be the star of the inauguration. First you’ll be suspended and whipped, to illustrate punishment, and then you’ll be put in a suck noose at slow speed, to illustrate snuffing, and you’ll be out of here. We usually don’t give slaves the chance to contact anyone, but this is my first planned snuffing, and I’m feeling generous. Is there anyone you would like to see or talk to before tonight, like a parent? I’ll take out your gag. If you scream or cause any trouble, the offer is withdrawn. If you behave, I’ll keep you gagged most of the rest of the day, but you’ll get lunch, a chance to talk to someone, and maybe some alcohol to make it easier.” Joan unbuckled the gag and pulled it from the nooser’s mouth.

The nooser needed some water in order to talk. Joan gave it to her, then sat to hear the response. “My parents? They sold me. The only person in the world that I would like to see is my brother. He worked in a store near here when I was sold.” The nooser supplied a name and the name of a store. Joan gagged her again, then went to call the store. The brother still worked there, and came on the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello. You are Kevin, brother of Sara?”

“Yes. Do you know where she is?”

“Yes. She’s here at Sucker’s, two blocks from where you are. She is getting a last request, and that’s to see you. Can you come over to see her this afternoon?”

“Last request? ” The brother paused. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Wait at the front desk.”

Joan went to tell Sara. “Your brother will be coming here shortly.” Joan again removed the gag and asked, “Why was it that you refused to cooperate? You refused to suck until they got brutal with you. You wouldn’t work when we tried you out on tan-collar duty. Do you want to die so badly?”

The girl replied, “I just can’t stand it. Death will be better than sucking cocks all night every night.”

“That’s a principled stand, but not one that makes you live longer.” Joan gagged Sara again and left her.

A few minutes later, Joan went to the front desk and found a young man standing there looking pale and nervous.

“Are you Kevin?”


“Follow me, please.”

As they walked into the rear of the bar, Joan told him what was happening. “Your sister came to us in a batch of slaves. She didn’t work out here. We tried using her for several things, and she wouldn’t do anything. She’s going to be the headliner at our whip-and-snuff show tonight.”

The brother gasped. “I knew she was obstinate, but not suicidal. My parents sold her one day when they were looking for booze money and she wouldn’t give them any. Please, let me buy her from you.”

“You want to buy your sister? Kinky. Expensive, though, and impractical. We need a snuff slave tonight, and she’s it.” Joan opened the Service Room’s door, ushered him in, and closed the door. She removed Sara’s gag again, and withdrew from the room.

Half an hour later, the brother came out and found Joan. “I’m begging you. I’ll buy her from you.”

Joan decided to play with him. “Buy? No. We need a slave tonight, and I don’t want to snuff any of our others. However, if you can bring me a slave to snuff in her place, one that is at least as attractive as she is, I’ll trade you. You pay all the taxes and fees to transfer her to you. We keep her until after the show, and she gets whipped in the show, but not enough to permanently damage her. You pay for the replacement slave. Be aware that the manumission tax is $500.”

The brother breathed deeply and said, “Thank you. I’ll get going to get a replacement. I agree to your terms. I won’t free her anyway; she’d just end up as a slave again.” He turned and started to leave.

“Wait. I need the replacement by 5PM.”

Kevin turned his head, said, “I understand,” and left.