At 4PM, Kevin arrived at the bar and saw the desk attendant from the slaver’s place wheeling a tall box just big enough for a body up to the bar entrance. It had a hand truck built into it. Kevin greeted the slaver and asked, “Is she in there?”

“Yes. She was such a handful that we just stuck her in the box for delivery. Let’s deliver her and get your business completed. Grab the door, please.” Kevin held the door open and they went in and on to the reception desk. The slaver went up to the reception slave and said, “I have a delivery for you.”

The reception slave called someone, and a striking young slave wearing red collar and shoes came to to the desk. She recognized Kevin and said, “Is this the replacement?”

“Yes. He can transfer ownership of Sara to me, too.”

“Inspection of the goods first. Please bring her this way.” The red collar slave, which Kevin remembered was named Joan, led them to a room with a sign that said “Punishment”. She opened the door and let the slaver wheel his contraption inside. Without being asked, he opened the front of the box, revealing the slave Kevin had seen on the screen earlier, cleaner, gagged, and strapped into the box severely.

Joan said, “By the way you restrained her, I take it she’s combative?”

The slaver went over the background of the slave and the way she had acted at the slaver’s place. “Can you handle her?” he asked.

“Yes, we should be able to do that.” Joan looked at Kevin. “She’s pretty enough, and she should provide quite a show tonight. I’ll approve the transfer.” Joan got two printed forms from a table in the room. One was red and was titled “Contract to Snuff Slave.” It was filled in with Kevin’s name and address and details of the requested actions; it lacked only the identification of the slave and the signature of the owner. The slaver supplied copies of the ownership papers, which Joan copied information from, then stapled to the form. She then asked Kevin to sign it and he did so. “Now, we’re not using a bar slave; we’re doing this for a customer.” The second form was yellow, titled “Contract to Punish Slave”, and was filled in with Kevin’s information and Sara’s identification. Kevin signed it also, after reading what the punishments were to be. They were specified on the form as light whipping, not to result in permanent injury. Joan took the papers and asked the two men to step outside the room with her.

“Does this slave know what’s going to happen?”

“No, unless she figured it out from what went on in there,” answered the slaver.

“Good. It can be a surprise. Do you need the ball gag back right now?”

“No, my boss can get it after the show. He wants to see it. When will it be?”

“About 8PM. I’ll have a table reserved for him. What’s the name?”

“Mike, owner of Spellbook Slaves.”

“Got it. Lets get her out of your box and restrained so we can do this with a minimum of fuss later on.”

“Can we finish Sara’s transfer first?” asked Kevin.

“Sure. Let’s go to the Service room to do that.”

The three went the short distance and followed Joan into the room. Sara looked at Kevin with a question in her eyes. The slaver got out forms and filled them in, using information from the ownership papers provided by Joan. “Can you sign this, or do we have to get someone else’s signature?” he asked Joan.

Joan replied, “I’m authorized to sign for the business,” and signed the transfer papers. Kevin also signed. The slaver signed them too, then gave them both carbonless copies. “It won’t be official until I get back to the office and enter the data and pay the taxes. I need the fee now.” Kevin wrote a check for the requested amount, completing the transaction.

Joan turned to Sara and said, “You are now the property of Kevin, here. However, as a part of the deal, you get to hang around, literally, until after the show tonight; you’ll get a whipping as part of the demonstration. It won’t be too bad, only about as bad as the one we gave for attempted escape. After that, it’s Kevin’s call what happens to you.” Sara was pale on hearing of the whipping, but looked hopeful, too. The three left the room and Joan locked the door behind them. Kevin told Joan he would be back in the evening, and the slaver went with Joan to extract the doomed slave from her box and get her ready.