Kevin returned to the bar at 7PM and asked for Joan. She came out shortly after that and greeted him. “Ready for the show?”

“Yes. I thought I’d be uncomfortable watching her get whipped, but then I started thinking about how she always used to get away with everything, and it doesn’t bother me as much. I brought some things for you to put on her. I’d like them on her when you give her to me.”

Joan took the proffered box and examined the contents. It was a set of high-end restraints that looked like custom-fit special-order items. There were ankle and wrist cuffs, a collar, and a belt, all in stainless steel with neoprene backing. The locks were built into the devices and were almost invisible. There were small but strong-looking attachment points on all of them. “It looks like you were busy this afternoon. How did you get these made so fast? They are custom items.”

“I didn’t have them made. My sister’s boyfriend had them made from measurements he took. He also had an engagement ring. He was trying to decide how to go about it — ask her to marry him and put the restraints on after the engagement ring, or enslave her, put the restraints on, then give her the ring. She was going to be a slave wife either way. I think he would have asked her. Anyway, my parents did what they did and he was crushed. He gave me the restraints, but kept the ring. I didn’t know what to do with the restraints, but I do now.”

“They are nice. Not that it’s any of my business, but what are you going to do with her?”

“Things have been going way too fast to plan too far ahead. I may sell her to her boyfriend, if he wants her. Here, give her this pill before you bring her out. It’s a rather strong pain pill that will reduce the pain and make her rather disoriented through the whole process.”

“No problem. A pain pill for a slave who is to be given pain on purpose. It seems rather counterproductive, but she’s getting whipped as part of a show and not for punishment, so I guess it makes sense. I have a table near the stage reserved for you.” She signalled a waitress and had her conduct him to a table. She then went backstage and went to the Service Room. She ungagged Sara and said, “I have a change of bondage for you. Will you cooperate and make it easy on both of us?”

Sara agreed, knowing that Joan could have as much force as necessary there in seconds. Joan uncuffed Sara and removed her collar. Sara suddenly felt exposed; the only thing she had worn in months, other than handcuffs, was the collar. Joan put the wrist cuffs on her, then locked them together behind Sara’s back with locks that had come in the restraint package. She put on the collar, the belt, and the ankle cuffs, and locked the ankle cuffs together. She stood and regarded her work, then unlocked the link between the wrist cuffs and attached the wrist cuffs to the sides of the belt.

“Here, take this pill. I’ll hold a glass of water up for you. It will help with the pain.” Sara complied.

Joan looked again in the restraint package and brought out a rather fancy gag. It wasn’t a ball gag. It had a strap like a ball gag, and the front showed a ball, but the part that was inserted was like a mouth guard, with channels for the teeth, and a place for the tongue. It was impressive, and it looked like it would keep the wearer silent. Sara looked at it with recognition, but didn’t speak as Joan put it in her mouth and secured it. “Come along. A trip to the toilet, then you’ll be onstage for all to view until the show.” Joan locked a leash onto Sara’s collar and led her away.

Shortly after that, several green-collars went to the punishment room and collected the doomed slave. She fought them and screamed through the gag, but that didn’t help her at all. She looked scared and confused, like she didn’t know what was coming. The green-collars held her down and inserted a rather brutal butt plug, to avoid a mess later, then took her to the toilet. When she refused to cooperate, one of them zapped her with a stun wand, which caused her bladder to empty as they had wanted. They put leather suspension cuffs on her wrists, then removed the handcuffs and connected the leather cuffs together in front of her, then wrapped a rope around her neck and tied the cuffs to it. They then carried her to the stage, unwrapped the rope, and attached her wrists to a dangling chain. Shortly after that, she was hanging by her wrists from the chain and her escorts were connecting a rather heavy-looking iron ball to her ankle cuffs. When that was complete, they pulled the chain again, and the slave was supporting the ball free of the floor, stretching her.

Sara was already on stage when this began, and watched the process with horror. She had already spotted her brother in the audience, and was not happy to see him enjoy what had happened to the now-hanging slave. Joan came up to Sara and unlocked her wrists from the belt, put on suspension cuffs, and had the green-collar crew suspend Sara on another dangling chain. They attached a ball to Sara’s ankles, too, but didn’t lift it off the floor, leaving Sara to dangle at the end of the chain without the additional torture of the weight of the ball.