Sara was in a fog. She felt searing pain from the whipping, dulled by the drug, and the pain and the drug disoriented her to the point she didn’t really pay much attention to her surroundings. She sucked a cock that was presented to her, with a feeling there was something weird about it. She waited, on her knees, gagged, until she received a blindfold. Some indeterminate time later, she felt a tug on her collar and rose and followed the lead of the leash.

The walk went on for some time. Her disorientation didn’t improve, but she managed to stay on her feet. Finally, she felt carpet under her feet, followed shortly by being seated on a toilet. Soon after, she was on a bed. She felt hands on her, playing with her. She was aware over the next few hours of multiple sex acts that her body responded to without benefit of her consciousness. Finally, her rest was uninterrupted and she dropped into a deep sleep.

Much later, she woke to pain, much diminished, and a full bladder. She couldn’t see, and her hands were restrained. She sat up. She felt a bed below her, and a mouth-filling gag. The bed near her vagina was damp. She tried swinging her legs off the bed and standing, and found that she was attached to the bed by a rope or leash to her collar. She sat back down and tried to communicate. Speech was impossible. She decided to try a grunt and a moan. That brought attention after a minute or two; she felt the leash being manipulated, then tugged. She clumsily got to her feet and followed the lead. Her handler sat her on a toilet, which she used gratefully. After that, unseen hands wiped her, then washed her groin. Her handler then led her a short distance and sat her in a chair.

She felt the blindfold being removed. She closed her eyes, then slowly opened them. As her vision focused, she thought the surroundings were familiar, then realized that it was her brother’s apartment. She looked around and saw Kevin sitting on the couch across from her, watching her. She stared at him. He was wearing a bathrobe and apparently nothing else. She made the only noises she could, grunts, whines, and moans, hoping to get him to remove her gag and the restraints. He held up a hand to quiet her.

“I’m going to talk first, then I’ll take out your gag. I bought you from the bar by trading another slave for you. That slave got what you were going to get. I don’t know whether you remember that last night; you were really out of it. Anyway, getting you cost a lot of my cash. I don’t have much left over. It’s going to be tight around here.”

Kevin rose, and his robe fell open, exposing his nudity. He didn’t close the robe, as she expected; he just came over and removed the gag, then sat back down. After a little working of her jaw and some swallowing, she spoke. “Why am I still tied up? Who screwed me last night? What are you going to do with me?”

“You’re still tied up because you are my slave. I screwed you last night, twice. You also sucked me in the bar. I’m not sure what to do with you. It would cost too much to free you. It would be difficult to get much revenue out of you. Mom and Dad would expect me to give you to them so they can sell you again…”

Sara recoiled. “No! Not that! They would sell me again, and this time I’d probably really get snuffed!”

Kevin said, “I agree. You may be wondering about those fancy bracelets and belt and collar. Your old boyfriend dumped them on me after you were sold out. He was going to enslave you as his wife. It really got him down that you got sold. I think he was going to ask you to marry him, put the ring on, then put the chains on. If you had said no, he would have enslaved you and then put on the ring. He would rather have had you submit as a volunteer, though.”

“Al was going to enslave me?” she wailed.

“As his wife. It would have been a nice slavery. He wouldn’t have made you stay nude all the time. It makes sense — slave wives can’t say no. Maybe I should sell you to him.”

Sara thought about that, and decided that it might be the best thing for her. Then she thought about another thing he had said. “You screwed me last night? I’m your sister!”

“You’re also my slave, and that trumps everything else. You are, as one pundit has declared, a life support system for a vagina. Don’t worry. I went to a lot of trouble to save you, and I’m not going to do anything terrible to you or let anyone else do anything terrible to you. That does not include sex, though. I don’t think that’s terrible. You’re rather good at it.” Sara noticed that his penis was hard and erect. “You might as well get used to your new status. I’m going to change your bondage and let you make lunch.”

Kevin left the room and came back with some chains. He locked one between her anklets. He locked another chain to the middle of it and had her stand up, then locked that chain to the back of the belt. He locked a small black box to the back of the collar.

“That box is a locator and shock device. It isn’t as fancy as some of the collars on the market, but it will do for now. I know how obstinate you can be. You almost got killed because of it, and you may resist doing what I require in the same way. The ankle chain and the locator will keep you from running, at least too far, and the shock device will help with motivation. I’ll free your hands, and you will go to the kitchen and make lunch.” Kevin unlocked the locks holding her wrists to her belt, snapped them shut again on the belt’s attachment rings after moving the wrist restraints away, and stepped back.

Sara stretched her arms, which were uncomfortable after hours of restraint. She considered refusing to do what he told her, but somehow didn’t have the willpower to resist. The expected snuffing, the whipping, the drug, her brother’s intentions to keep her as a slave, and his using her for sex had nearly overwhelmed what little resistance she had left after all those months as a slave in the bar. She turned and went to the kitchen to see what was available to make for lunch.

Kevin stood in the living room savoring victory. He had saved his sister on impulse and nearly exhausted his resources to do it. He had expected furious resistance to what he was doing now, but for once she was compliant. The suck bar must have worn her down further than he had expected. Would it be permanent?

He had decided to keep her a slave because of the manumission fee and because he figured she would be a slave again real soon. He had decided to keep her as his slave, his sex slave, after an internal battle between was he had thought was right and what he knew to be reality, seven years into the slave era.

He went to the phone and called a number. “Hello, Al? You should come over here around two. I have someone here that I think you’ll want to meet. No, it’s a surprise. I think you’ll like it. OK, good.” Kevin sat, looking forward to lunch and two hours of fun before Al showed up.